Clearly Thursday Motes

Ohh, aren’t they cute: Japanese macaques are seen commonly across large parts of the country, and are a pest in some areas, eating crops and even entering homes.Local authorities in Japan’s Yamaguchi city said Monday they are turning to tranquilizer guns to confront marauding monkeys that have injured 42 people in recent weeks. The injuries have so far been largely mild, but authorities are now turning to tranquilizer guns after traps they set failed to snare any of the pesky primates. City officials and police have been patrolling the area since the first attacks around July 8, but have yet to snare any monkeys.

Could it be “the narrative”: How come we aren’t hearing much about  Jonathan Sapirman of Greenwood Indiana? Who’s that? He’s the 20 y-o shooter taken out by an armed citizen after killing three and wounding two.. In a statement released through their attorney, Jeffrey and Justin Sapirman, the father and brother, respectively, of gunman Jonathan Sapirman, extended their “deepest condolences who have suffered as a result of the tragedy at the Greenwood Park Mall on Sunday.” The Sapirmans also said they have “no feelings of hostility” toward Elisjsha Dicken. We still haven’t been told how the unemployed Ulvalde shooter got the funds to purchase several thousand dollars’ worth of guns and equipment

Very interesting: Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard have been listed by Ukraine among a number of American politicians, academics and activists Kyiv claims have promoted “Russian propaganda.”  Funny, I thought we were all on the….wait, which side are “we” on today?

A sad Good-Bye: Paul Sorvino, 83, the tough-guy actor — and operatic tenor and figurative sculptor — known for his roles as calm and often courteously quiet but dangerous men in films like “Goodfellas”” and television shows like “Law & Order,” died on Monday. Sorvino died on of natural causes with his wife Dee Dee by his side. He was also involved in animal rescue and rehoming. His many talents, and his style will be missed.

Dear “Sweet Girl”, Thanks for the e-mail. You sound really nice. I’d really like to come over to your place and had wild unbridled sex. But you sent your letter to 480 other guys, and I won’t stand in a line that long at Costco. But good luck.

 Deep fake: A Texas man spent 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard using a dead baby’s stolen identity, obtaining a secret-level security clearance and baffling investigators who later uncovered information that the man and his wife—who also lived under an assumed name—may have had ties to Russian intelligence. Walter Glenn Primrose, 67, and Gwynn Darle Morrison, also 67, are accused of carrying out a mysterious scheme in which they masqueraded under pilfered personas for decades. In 1987, investigators allege, Primrose and Morrison “both obtained Texas birth certificate records for deceased American born infants, that they used to unlawfully assume the identities of ‘Bobby Edward Fort’ and ‘Julie Lyn Montague,’ respectively.” The two “have been perpetrating criminal fraud acts ever since,” according to the complaint. Using the birthdates of deceased infants has long been used to create new identities, but to pass secret-level clearance means they went deep professional levels.

“Game? It was never meant to be a game” *: Oxnard Police Department announced Monday that a hospitalized soccer player died 15 days after he was involved in a large on-field fight. Misael Sanchez, 29, was injured during a fight at Oxnard High School on July 10 that included both players and fans. The fight broke out over a disagreement with a referee’s decision in the adult soccer game. Wow, they take their sport seriously. Maybe too seriously. (* Rollerball James Caan 1975)

Remember this next time you want to bury someone in the sand.

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