Teeny Tiny Tuesday Motes

Just a suggestion: Antifa, you should stick to beating up 16-year-old kids and grandmas in wheelchairs. Recently they decided to “protest” at a well-known bar in Ori-gone. Unfortunately, the bar was a frequent hang out of the Gypsy Jokers. It did not turn out well, for the Anti-mutts.

Talk talk talk: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said it is “time to name and shame” AR-15 makers during opening comments Wednesday for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Durbin claimed there have been “309 mass shootings” in the United States this year, then showed a video in which gun control proponents repeatedly using the phrase “weapons of war.” But Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), in the same hearing, pointed out,  “In 2019 there 364 homicides by rifle,” he added. “During the same time there were 1,476 homicides by knife. There were Blunt objects, actually, clubs, hammers, etc., counted for more homicides than rifles.”  So, are we going to identify all those knife and hammer makers?

Sitting here, listening to the fat guy at the end of the bar talking about his “3 tours” and his awful memories. It was 20 minutes before I realized it was three tours of Disney World.

There are 4 rules: It seems that the owner of a gun store bought a replica BB gun (airsoft?) and put it in the display case. He then claims he accidently picked up the wrong gun, pointed it at an employee as a prank and pulled the trigger. The firearm was loaded and he killed the employee. Any prank that includes a firearm is a bad idea. OSHA is treating this as a safety violation. The owner violated all of the “Four Rules Of Gun Handlin”, and someone died. That’s why they’re called “rules”, not suggestions.

How freakin’ sad: Little is known about Sheila Seleoane, the daughter of a South African emigrant who grew up in Britain. She lived alone in South London and worked as a medical secretary. Seleoane’s doctor last saw her in August 2019. That same month, she stopped paying rent. By March 2020, the landlord began taking Seleoane’s rent out of her Universal Credit, monthly payments from the British government. Sometime in 2019, late summer or fall, Seleoane died. But no one noticed. It appears that her skeletal remains were found on the couch of her apartment more than two years after her death went unnoticed, authorities in London say. A local court opened an investigation to find out how she died, when — and why no one noticed.

Words, just words: Yes, they are trying to pass another “assault weapon” ban. And again there definition of “assault rifle” or “assault weapon” is so vague and unspecific that a good (or bad) prosecutor will be able to bend it to cover just about any rifle they want. They are also including  “import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon (SAW) or large capacity ammunition feeding device.” “Large capacity ammunition feeding device”? Oh, a magazine. How about a tube fed .22 rifle? They can hold 12-18 rounds. Is that “Large capacity”?

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