Monday Motes From My Mind

Anybody else want to puke when Alec Baldwin advertises for his podcast about “a real American hero”? No argument about the hero, he truly was a hero. It’s Baldwin and his pseudo sincere voice pretending to give a crap that makes me sick. On October 21, 2021 he negligently discharged a firearm resulting in one person’s death and anothers injury. And he hasn’t been charged yet. If it were you or me, we’d already be 6 months into our 7 1/2 to 15 year sentence for negligent homicide.

Thinking with the wrong head: A senior research scientist working on advanced propulsion technologies for the U.S. Air Force duped a contractor into hiring an unqualified sex worker he had paid using a government charge card because he thought she was “really hot,” according to the feds. The man then allegedly threatened to kill the sex worker’s supervisor and himself when the scheme fell apart—but not before shifting the bulk of the project’s funding elsewhere to pay for her salary at a different defense firm. I wonder how often this crap really happens, and nobody knows.

Don’t know why everybody is up in arms about AOC pretending to be handcuffed. She’s pretended to cry at the border, and she’s been pretending to represent the people of her district for years and nobody is complaining about that.

You know where they are going to go with the “Red Flag” laws. There will be people that will turn in their neighbors, because of some feud or slight. The cops will come, raid the neighbor’s home, and then the claim will be, “If it stops one shooter, it will be worth it”. Yeah, tell that to the guy who has lost his job (couldn’t show up ‘cause he was in jail), lost his home (no job, no income), and lost his rights (you said he was dangerous so they took his guns away forever). That’s where it will go.

Hawaii is “May Issue”. We say the chief may issue, he may not issue, or he may throw the paperwork into his trash can.

Been watching Guttfeld in the evening. One of his commentators is “Tyrus”, a professional wrestler. Unlike the common image of a pro-rassler, he’s comments are well thought out, and usually make, to me, a lot of sense. One that really got me is, “Today, the news is the narrative before the facts.” Makes a lot of sense.

Indianapolis hero responded within 15 seconds of the initiation of action. Eight out of ten center-mass hits at 40 yards. Dammmnnn.

I recently posted a picture with the caption,”One is not an Admiral and the other isn’t a woman”.  A bartender took one look at it and proclaimed,” The Aliens are among us.” I could not think of one single argument against her.

How come the msm isn’t making a bigger noise about the Calipornia truckers strike? It’s locking up the ports and containers, this will affect goods getting to the stores. Not a word. How come?

Hawaiian Cement has proactively notified all of its major customers to expect a significant increase in the cost of cement next year. As you know, supply-chain challenges and other global issues have been raising the prices of building materials. Cement suppliers throughout Asia are forecasting alarming price increases over the next few months, which are anticipated to result in a 65% to 85% increase in the price of cement being imported to Hawaii. Hawaiian Cement and HC&D have advised their customers that this will translate to a potential price increase anywhere from 20% to 35% per cubic yard for ready mix concrete. Gonna make it awful hard on contractors and home builders.

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