Sunday Rant

My gods, I am continually amazed at the amount of stupid that comes out during election time.  These are from just 2 senatorial “candidates”. Demorats, of course.

It’s bumper sticker speech time in Hawaii.

“Boosting the ability of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study the effects of gun violence. “Gun violence is NOT a public health issue; it is a crime and enforcement issue.

“You should not be able to purchase cop-killing bullets” The “Teflon-coated” bullets referred to have been outlawed in Hawaii for over 30 years.

“A national red flag law.” It’s not like that violates constitutional rights or anything.

 “Banning firearms in schools, places of worship and public rallies.” Yep, those “gun-free zones” been working so good so far.

“The filibuster needs to be abolished.” Let’s get rid of those pesky checks and balances.

“Our fore founders were not thinking about assault weapons and high-capacity magazines when they were creating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.” No, George, John, and Tom would have loved to have had an AR in their closet. As it was, they had to top firearms of the times. Usually several.

But the candidates said they would “seek to work across the aisle” on other priorities. See, nothing more than what fits on a bumper-sticker

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