Friday Lines of Motes

Think “Bucky Barnes”: Nearly five months into its senseless war against Ukraine, Russia has concocted a wild new explanation for why the plans for a quick takeover fell apart so spectacularly—because Ukrainian troops were turned into superhuman killing machines during “secret experiments” in American-run biolabs, of course. That claim was made Monday by two Russian lawmakers heading up a commission to investigate “biolaboratories” in Ukraine, So we’re failing because they have better killers?

I will watch, maybe twice: Yes, I am Looking forward to the Don McClean documentary, “The Day The Music Died”. I remember “the crash” when it happened, and the song when it came out. Its numerous allusions to actual events have offered many a drunken night’s conversations. Maybe now, after 50 years, we’ll get some answers.

When the hell are “furries”? And when did they become a political group?

Just thinking here; We have gone deep into our “Strategic Oil Reserves”, we have sent hundreds of thousands(?) of anti-tank/aircraft missiles from our arsenals to Ukraine, thousands of U.S. military are/have been let go for refusing the covid vax, many more are leaving the forces due to the lack of leadership and motivation, the dollar is the weakest it’s ever been, there are hundreds of thousands of unregistered and unknown aliens drawing from the state and federal welfare coffers and putting nothing back in in return, the country has an aging, semi-senile leader that cannot make a “right-now” decision. The country is weak. The military is failing. The citizens are tired of fighting. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to “invade”? Seems to me that it would be.

Just doing what they do: A helicopter was flown by well-known Russian biathlete Igor Malinovsky, with business people Zoya Kaygorodova and Sergey Kolesnyak on board has crashed in the Russian wilderness. It is now reported bears have mauled and eaten the wealthy couple and the pilot. On July 16, the helicopter lost communication due to bad weather. The next day, the helicopter wreckage was discovered by rescuers in Kamchatka, a peninsula located in the Russian Far East. Three hours later, distressed remains of the trio were found near the Semyachkov Pass, just 13 kilometers from the Uzon volcano. Bears do not usually seek out humans to eat. However, bears are opportunistic hunters, meaning they take advantage of food that is readily available to them.  Like the man says, if you see an opportunity, take it. Guess it goes for bears too.

I could’a sued: Read an article about a bride and groom suing the wedding photographer for canceling the day before the wedding.  They claim it irreparably harmed their wedding and memories. Hell, the photographer for my wedding called me to bail him out the morning of the wedding. I said no. That’s why there are no pictures of my wedding.

It’s amazing to how many of my co-workers have never heard of, or seen, “Cool Hand Luke”. Just amazing.

Gas the same as last week. $43.00 for 1/2 tank. What are you paying?

In Honolulu this weekend. Cleaning the apartment and throwing shat away. Tell ya later.

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