Tiny Thursday Motes

Another “doesn’t matter” heard from: During a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday, Prince Harry denounced the “rolling back of constitutional rights” in the United States. The U.K. royal was delivering a keynote address for Nelson Mandela International Day when he criticized the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Roe-v-Wade. Hey Harry, you aren’t an American. You are part of the Monarchy we dumped. It wasn’t a “constitutional right”. AND, You have no say it what we should or shouldn’t do. STFDASTFU. 

I have an answer: The man who was caught on viral video jumping from the elevated Brooklyn subway tracks while fleeing cops said Monday that he made the dangerous leap because he was terrified of going back to Rikers Island. “When I made that jump it was like ‘damn either go back to Rikers Island or risk your life taking that jump’ and that jump could’ve been death if I missed,” Kendall Floyd, 25, said by phone from the notorious jail complex. My answer, stop doing stuff that gets you arrested. Pretty simple if you ask me.

They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere: When you say “Biker problem”, most people think of Calipornia, Texas, or maybe Florida. Nobody thinks “Rhode Island”.  But it appears police in Pawtucket and elsewhere are on high alert with knowledge of a pending problem between the Pagans and the Hells Angels. A massive police response descended on Lafayette Street in Pawtucket after one person was shot in the face on Saturday night. According to Pawtucket Police, a Pagan motorcycle club member was shot while standing outside of the clubhouse at around 10 p.m. Saturday night. “This incident is believed to be directly related to the long-standing feud between the Pagan’s and the Hells Angels,” police intelligence said. Now, I don’t know what’s going on, but I think “police intel” is just like “military intel”. An oxymoron.

Baba Yaga: The current “boogey man”, or one of, is George Soros.  Soros is an old man who has had a tremendous influence on the Democrat Party for years. Soros is seeding a super PAC with $125 million, an enormous investment that will aid Democratic groups and candidates for the 2022 election cycle and beyond. George Soros admits to helping Nazis in World War II and not having regrets.  At the same time, he admitted he doesn’t believe in God. Now it’s reported that a Soros-backed group has been awarded a contract on the open border to help illegals avoid deportation.  Why is our government paying for this?  It’s like Soros uses money given to him for the destruction of America and corrupt politicians like the Bidens turn around and refund Soros with a BS contract. This story comes as no surprise.  Evil is evil.  America must stand up to this or we will lose this great country soon

Save the planet: Climate change advocates push electric vehicles, arguing they help save the planet and save consumers money over time. Avery Siwinski, a 17-year-old from St. Petersburg, loved her electric Ford Focus. Her parents spent $11,000 on the used vehicle, a 2014 with 60,000 miles on the odometer. It died. A new battery was quoted at $14,000.00. Oh wait, Ford doesn’t make that battery anymore. Sorry. However the dealer did offer her $500.00 for the vehicle. This is not a new problem. This is a field of electric vehicles in France, just outside of Paris.

They are all owned by the French government. They all have “dead” batteries, and it would cost more for each new battery, than it would cost to just buy a new vehicle. And, they cannot be disposed of due to the toxic materials used to build the car/battery. So, they are just parked and abandoned. But this “will save the world”. Yeah, no.

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