Wednesday Motes, With A Wink

Good guy with a gun: Is it just me or all of a sudden good guys stopping shootings are getting positive msm coverage? This weekend, a 22-year-old bystander who witnessed a deadly shooting over the weekend at a shopping mall near Indianapolis was hailed as a hero on Monday for killing the gunman and limiting the number of casualties in the massacre. Three weeks ago there was a woman stooping a shooting at a park party. Hmmm

Apes, for the win: With close to a million species now threatened with extinction, it’s not often you hear about a conservation success story, but the mountain gorillas of the East African nation of Rwanda are just that. When American naturalist Dian Fossey moved to Rwanda half a century ago to study mountain gorillas, their numbers were dwindling, down to just 254 individuals, but today they’re up to over 600, with another 400 in neighboring Uganda — the only great ape whose numbers are actually on the rise. Let’s call this one a win.

Brotherly love: In June 2020, Wanda Palmer, 51 was “attacked, hacked, and left for dead,” according to a statement posted on Jackson County Sheriff’s Department’s .Police say they found Palmer in an “upright position” on her couch with severe injuries caused by what appeared to be a hatchet or axe. There were no phone records, surveillance footage, or eyewitnesses outside of Palmer’s home. Well, the West Virginia woman has awoken from a two-year coma and identified her brother as her attacker, according to police. Daniel Palmer III, 55, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding on Friday, according to arrest records. No motive has been given and Wanda Palmer is now coherent but unable to hold full-length conversations, said the Jackson County sheriff.

Maybe for a billionaire: Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry said it’s time to go into overdrive and “accelerate” the transition to green energy. Kerry bragged about riding through Warsaw in an electric bus as he praised the Prime Minister for producing 40% of Europe’s electric buses. John Kerry said every country has to collectively reduce emissions. Okay, I figured it out. If my family goes green, (Solar panels, wind generator, electric vehicle etc.), for the first 10 years the wife and I would have $243.27, per month, to spend on food. That’s not each, that’s the total. Remember, we will be on a fixed income. After the 10 years, well, I’m 75 she’s 70. Let’s face it, we won’t survive. So, John boy, NO.

Wrong heroes: Twenty-four-year-old mother of two, Arabella Foss-Yarbrough, was reportedly threatened by Andrew ‘Tekle’ Sundberg, and shot at, twice, while she was in her apartment on Wednesday night. Sundberg shot at the police and was killed in the confrontation.  A group of protestors rallied outside of the late Sundberg’s apartment on Saturday, claiming injustice through Sundberg’s death. After watching the George Floyd-like protest appear, Foss-Yarbrough angrily confronted the protestors — captured on video — and pleaded with them not to hail Sundberg and condemn the police for a confrontation that saved her and her children. In my opinion, the protesters don’t care about facts. St. George of Floyd was a violent, drug addled thug and they’ve made him the center of the gods.

And just for a laugh, the small “a” team.

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