Tuesday, Sweet Jumping Motes

It’s everywhere: A horse named “Drag Malibu” tested positive for meth after winning a race May 29 at Prairie Meadows in Iowa. The horse had trace amounts of methamphetamine in his body when the horse ran in the race,” said Brian Ohorilko, administrator of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. While it is not unusual for the Racing and Gaming Commission to see positive drug tests a few times a year, Ohorilko stated that a horse testing positive for meth is almost unprecedented. It is obvious to me that Ohorilko has never been to Malibu.

He’s at it again: Recently “free agent newsman” Chris Cuomo appeared to be reporting from war-torn Ukraine. Less than 24 hours later he was observed in the Hamptons. This is the same guy that televised his “quarantine” release just days after having a confrontation with some neighbor at his other residence, several hundred miles away, from his basement. It short, he’s a liar, a fraud, and deserves none of our time.

Vengeance is whose: A man acquitted in a terrorist bombing that killed 329 people aboard an Air India flight in 1985 was slain Thursday in a possible targeted shooting. The victim was found in his vehicle shot several times. The victim was Ripudaman Singh Malik, who with co-defendant Ajaib Singh Bagri was found not guilty in March 2005 of murder and conspiracy in a pair of Air India bombings that killed 331 people on June 23, 1985. Inderjit Singh Reyat, the only man convicted in the bombings, testified for the prosecution at Malik and Bagri’s trial and was later convicted of perjury.  “The shooting appears to be targeted.” Ya think?

Might be a lesson there: Every time I hear someone like L. James, R. Reiner, or B. Griner make their comments about leaving America, I stop and remember a story I read in elementary school. It was written in 1863 by Edward Everett Hale. It is about Lt. Philip Nolan who had been sentenced to spend the rest of his years without hearing the words “United States” and never again setting foot on American soil. I don’t think “The Man Without A Country” is taught anymore. Perhaps it should be.

It has been reported that there have been numerous shark attacks off Long Island NY in the past few weeks. No attorneys have been attacked out of professional courtesy.

One of these is NOT an Admiral and the other is NOT a woman.

They are both a National disgrace.

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