Friday Motes Of Glee

Could be worse: Yeah, prices are sky high, inflation is screaming, and we don’t have any adult supervision, but Sri Lanka is worse. Sri Lanka has completely collapsed. Angry crowds are chasing down and KILLING people they assume to be “wealthy”. Energy and food shortages are crippling. It appears anarchy on one side, a [police state on the other, and police are using live rounds. See, it could be worse.

We don’t need new laws:  Dontray Mills was charged with 55 counts of buying firearms with fake identification and selling them without a license, but he was sentenced to probation with no jail time. Mills’ sentence was seemingly light because he pleaded guilty to only one of the numerous charges against him, and the choice of giving Mills probation rather than jail time was not the result of instructions from the Justice Department (or higher) but rather the personal discretion of Judge Rudolph Randa. Read that again, he was allowed to plead guilty to ONE count. On one count he was able to convince a judge it was just for a friend.  We don’t need new laws, we need to really enforce the ones we have already.

 Nobody said she was a smart actress: “Yellowstone” actress Q’Orianka Kilcher has been charged with two felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud. Kilcher, 32, is accused of collecting over $96,000 in disability benefits despite having worked on the popular Kevin Costner-led drama for several months during the time that she said she was too injured to work. Remember her part? She was cast as a lawyer.

Don’t you hate “debating” with someone whose feels their facts are more factual than your facts and therefor your facts aren’t the real facts and only their facts count?

Eyes on the road: A three-car pileup caused by a pack of wild boars in northern Greece killed two people and left four more hospitalized, police said Tuesday. A patrol car carrying three police officers slammed into the pack of boars and veered off course; a few seconds later, a second vehicle hit the pack, tipped over and landed in a nearby field. A third vehicle then slammed into the patrol car, killing the 53-year-old driver of that car and a 48-year-old passenger. They ought to try driving back-country Hilo, the pigs have the right-of-way.

Speaking of Hawaii: In Hawaii, gun carry permits are rarely issued by the police chiefs, who rely on legal guidance from the state attorney general. This week, A.G.  Shikada sent out updated guidelines that said police chiefs should not restrict concealed and open carry licenses — only to those who can show that their lives are in danger. Shikada made it clear that permits will not be issued to just anyone who asks. For example, police chiefs may decide against issuing a license to someone considered dangerous to the public. Shikada also added that police chiefs can enforce additional requirements so they are tougher to obtain. It’s those “additional requirements” that will do the trick. Just a piece of info, island police chiefs have issued less than 10 permits, in 20 years, total.

Remember, Heroes come in all sizes. I drive by everyday.

Hilo this weekend. Pick-up poop, mow lawn, drink beer. Have a great weekend.

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