Now Hear This, Thursday Motes

They wonder why people are leaving: Without realizing they were starting a movement in green energy policy, leaders of a small Sonoma Valley city seem to have done just that when they questioned the approval process for a new gas station — eventually halting its development, and others in the future. Since Petaluma’s decision, four other cities in the Bay Area have followed suit, and now, leaders in California’s most car-centric metropolis are hoping to bring the climate-conscious policy to Southern California. So no more new gas stations. Yea, that’ll work out swell.

I didn’t know: On a hot Saturday night in Birmingham, a 23-year-old Egyptian sumo wrestler forced his opponent out of a circular ring. Having won the gold medal bout, he cried out in victory and did a backflip, to the delight of the audience—and the consternation of match officials, who swiftly disqualified him for unsportsmanlike conduct. Sumo wrestlers from Egypt, who knew?

I can see this: All the players at Sunday’s WNBA All-Star game took to the court in jerseys bearing fellow player Brittaney Griner’s name and number. This thoroughly confused the coaches, the announcers and all 14 of the fans.

Not everyone: His family say’s “Everybody loved his smile”. Ethan Reyes, who performed under the name “Notti Osama, was a 14 y-o aspiring rapper. “He had a million-dollar smile,” said a friend of Reyes at a candlelight memorial in Manhattan. “He was the life of the party.” Reyes was mortally wounded during a scuffle with a 15-year-old rival around 3 p.m. Saturday at the 137th Street/City College subway station He was loved by everyone, well except for that one guy.

But not impossible: It’s hard to imagine a boring movie about Vikings. Hell, the 1958 movie had Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine, and while no award winner it kept you watching. Unlike the 2022 “The Northman”. Sorry, it just sux. There were times I thought I’d been dropped into some esoteric Ingmar Bergman movie. It’s bad.  

He’s white, it doesn’t count: A white man was brutally beaten by a black mob on Beale Street, according to a video posted to a Memphis-area social media page. “This is a shame,” said the narrator on a page purported run by Cleo Buress. “This is very embarrassing for Memphis.” She also condemned bystanders who crowded around to watch the attack but refused to render an assistance to the victim. Memphis police have not offered a comment on what happened and there’s no word on what led up to the attack. Switch it around and see how the msm treats it.

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