Wicked Wednesday Motes

 A sad Good-Bye: L. Q. Jones, 94. Extremely active in the early days of western television and movies. He also appeared in numerous police/detective series and movies, often the “second villain” or the shift sergeant. He also wrote and directed the cult classic “A Boy And His Dog”. His unique look and style will be missed.

 Doing what they do: Alaska wildlife officials have killed four black bears in a campground recently reserved for people in Anchorage who are homeless after the city’s largest shelter was closed.   The city closed its pandemic mass shelter at Sullivan Arena on June 30.  When the shelter closed, some people who are homeless moved to Centennial Park.   The park is located in east Anchorage, which state wildlife officials describe as a vast bear habitat. So the homeless move into the bear’s habitat, the bears do what bears do, and the state puts them “down” for it. That ain’t right.

Surprise: A Brazilian official from the country’s leftist opposition party was assassinated by a federal prison guard who barged into the official’s birthday celebration Saturday and gunned him down while shouting support for President Jair Bolsonaro. Marcelo Arruda, a Workers’ Party (PT) official and municipal guard, was celebrating his birthday in the southern city of Foz de Iguacu, Parana, when the suspect Jorge Jose da Rocha Guaranho entered the private event.. Both men opened fire and struck and killed each other. I guess they opened the presents later.

How do you “suspend” a “retired” general? Dr. Jill untouchable? If you tweet, can and will it be held against you?

Improper Use of work space: A Nevada couple was found secretly keeping a cache of weapons and living with their two kids at a northern Nevada children’s museum where they worked, authorities said. Officials realized the family was living in the museum after the man’s 2-year-old child was spotted walking nearby unsupervised, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office said. It was not the first time police interacted with the man over his child being left alone. But this time, the toddler’s older sister gave deputies the museum as their address.  A police report listed an AK-47 rifle, three handguns, a pistol, ammunition, knives and a taser that could have been reached by a child. The stash also included drug paraphernalia like a bong and a used marijuana joint. The couple has since been fired and the museum closed.  Right now, we don’t know is this a case of employed being unable to afford housing, or a case of crappy parents getting by on the cheap. I’m thinking the later.

And: Michael Moore has produced a paper that he claims verifies he is the rightful ruler of the galaxy and gives everyone 49 hours to vacate.

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