Tuesday With Hot Motes

It started last week: Around 40,000 Dutch farmers paralyzed traffic in the Netherlands and blocked around 20 food distribution centers over the weekend with trucks and tractors. The farmers are outraged over new government regulations that force them to reduce their nitrogen fertilizer compounds and limit their number of livestock. In an incident near the blockaded food distribution center at Heerenveen in Friesland, police officers shot at 16-year-old Jouke’s tractor, which was already turning away from the roadblock, missing the boy’s head by an inch. He and others were arrested, but have been released. Protestors charged that undercover police officers from so-called ROMEO units are infiltrating demonstrations and fueling violence. Opposition leader Geert Wilders published a letter from the provincial government of Flevoland, stating that the government will set up “a registration center for asylum seekers” on agricultural land that has been seized/confiscated by the government. Yes, they are taking land, and giving it to “asylum seekers”. Farmers in Poland and Italy are now rising up. This will end badly.

It was only a matter of time: On Friday, April 29, 2022, the Lambton branch of the Ontario Provincial Police seized a drone which had become stuck in the branches of a tree in the Canadian neighborhood. The payload of the drone was eleven handguns. The one handgun displayed by the police appears to be a sub-compact Glock with the serial numbers removed. Hey, don’t they know it’s illegal to remove the serial numbers?

Because they can: Who is Ray Epps? Why was he named on a “wanted” list, then removed? Why is the fbi denying a FOIA request for him? And why is the fbi covering for him?

They did it once:  Fifty percent of likely U.S. voters feel that there will be “widespread cheating that will affect the outcome of this fall’s congressional elections,” including 24 percent of people who believe the prospect is very likely. Just 22 percent of voters think cheating is not at all likely to affect the November midterms, the poll reveals. Just 16 percent – or fewer than one in five voters – believe that mail-in voting will not lead to more cheating. Well, we all know how I feel about polls (they’re horsesxxt). But this one seems to fit my thoughts. I think there will be huge numbers of “mid-night ballots” that will surprise everyone (it shouldn’t) and they will alter the races again to the left. Why do I think this? Because nothing has been done to make the voting any more secure than it was in 2020. Nothing.

Wanta bet booze was involved: A Democratic Iowa House candidate has been charged with reckless use of a firearm after police say she shot a gun through a sliding glass door in her home last week. Sonya Heitshusen, 55, of West Des Moines is running for Iowa House District 28. police say in a criminal complaint that Heitshusen pulled the trigger of a black Glock 21 handgun while inside her home sometime around 11 p.m. on June 27. The bullet went through the glass of Heitshusen’s sliding glass door, police said. “I’ve received ongoing threatening messages on social media,” she said in the statement. “Knowing my partner was leaving town for an extended period of time, I checked one of the firearms, and while checking it, an accidental discharge of the firearm occurred.” Sonya, sweetheart, that is not “accidental”, that is negligent. And why is she handling a firearm at 11 o’clock at night? Guns don’t go off on their own, and the Glock 21 is a reliable weapon that and won’t fire without deliberate human action on it. It turns out that the candidate has a prior history with mismanaging her alcohol consumption. Yep, “cause” was a drunk handling a firearm late at night.

Doesn’t fit the narrative: Last week, a 42 year old convicted felon entered a summer school in Duncanville TX. The Black gunman was immediately confronted by an armed school staff member. They exchanged gunfire and then suspect ran away to hide in the school gym. This school had an “Active Shooter Plan” so at this point all students, children, were successfully locked down in their rooms. Police responded within 2 minutes and had been part of the school’s “ASP” training. The PD confronted and killed the suspect. An armed staff, a well thought out plan, and good school security works. The only death was the scumbag shooter. The msm is ignoring this because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

Anybody but me find it hilarious Alec Baldwin advertising his “pod cast” on the conservative radio station?

Oh, my weekend playlist was “Ryman Country Homecoming”. I put three 90 minute VHS tapes onto disc. In 1998 many of the greats of country music sat down in the Ryman Theater, talked story, played songs and had fun with each other. Waylon and Willie, Crystal Gayle, Joe Stampley, Roy Clark, Glen Campbell, Lori Morgan, Lynn Anderson, and 16 more. It totaled a little over 4 1/2 hours of music and stories. Hosted by Ralph Emory and Bobby Bare it will be watched many times.

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