Sunday Rant

Borrowed this from But I couldn’t have said it better.

“Just in case anyone wondered, which I don’t expect is the case, but I like to be straightforward.

I judge friends by their actions, more than their words.

I’m willing to discuss almost anything, with almost anyone, as long as we stay truthful and civil.

I do NOT betray a trust, even for folks who are no longer friends. It’s a point of honor, which no one else but me gets a vote on.

Who I will not tolerate are people who take satisfaction in being mean for any reason, and who advocate for violence against other people without sufficient cause.

I have little wish to deal with people who refuse to think, and deeply enjoy people who challenge me to think myself.

I have no wish to treat with people who knowingly lie, or should know they are lying but refuse to see it.

I am a hypocrite, and consider it a human failing I fight almost daily. I don’t expect others to be better than me, but I have no time for folks who revel in hypocrisy.

I have no wish to control any other persons thoughts, actions, or circumstances, and will have little or nothing to do with anyone who thinks they can control mine.

I bristle when I see someone taken advantage of, for any reason. I’ve walked away from people who chortled about doing so, and never spoke with them again.

I have no space for anyone who has no regard for children or animals, or who uses them for their own gain. I have no room for anyone who uses other people, period.

Lucky for me, there are a LOT of people in this world who pass this filter easily. I’m happy to call some of them friends.”

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