Piglet Says It’s Wednesday

Just too stupid for his own good: Police arrested a Maine man Wednesday after he was caught with over 70 pounds of marijuana in his car as he was leaving a Massachusetts court hearing for marijuana possession and driving without a license Wednesday. Yves Duboc, 43, was arraigned on charges of driving without a license and possessing one pound of marijuana. After the hearing, Duboc allegedly got in his SUV and drove off after having just had his license suspended and ordered not to drive. Massachusetts State Police officer Michael Provost, who was in the courthouse during Duboc’s hearing, intercepted and arrested him for operating a vehicle without a license. The pot was found in a search subsequent to arrest. I’m sure he is claiming it was for personal recreational, he just has a heavy use.

Movie :  Watched “Dog” over the holiday. Be careful with the kids on this one, there is some “harsh” language and images. There is also a terrific story, wonderful man/dog interaction and a fantastic, heartfelt ending. Yes, I’ll be buying a copy to watch again. And keep some Kleenex handy, unless you’re a rock, you’ll need a couple.

It’s bbaaaccckk: Yes, the bill to include women in “the draft” is alive again. We have not draft at this time. But young men between 18 and 25 still have to register with “Selective Service” and are often told if they don ‘t they can lose valuable government “opportunities”.  If women want true “equality”, they need to be included. Otherwise, there will always be inequality”.

The world is laughing, at US: Sam Brinton, an outspoken drag queen and “queer activist”, has been appointed to oversee spent fuel and waste in the nuclear energy office of the Department of Energy. 

And he likes to dress up like a “puppy” to have sex. Yeah, he’s a furry.

Paying off your conscience: The Canadian government and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) have announced that a final settlement has been reached on compensation for Indigenous children. Canada said in a statement on Monday that the $15.55bn ($20bn Canadian) deal marks the largest settlement agreement in the country’s history. This actually for Indigenous Children put in forced foster care 1991- 2016. Just a salve for the mistreatment of your own people.

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