It’s The 4th Of July –

No place is safe: A shooter fired at least 15 times into Philly Bar and Restaurant along Welsh Road in Northeast Philadelphia Tuesday night. Jailene Holton, a designated driver out for a night with her friends, was shot in the head and later died. At least one witness told police the argument stemmed from usage of a pool table, Brooks said. The eventual shooter claimed he wasn’t permitted to use a pool table over his race, but the manager ensured him it was only because a scheduled pool league was using the table. The same thing happened here many years ago. Guy got mad about a pool game, went to his car, drove up and started shooting. When the smoke cleared, Carl Green, the bar owner, was dead. Fortunately, the Honolulu shooter was arrested almost immediately, the Philly shooter has not been identified yet.

A sad Good-Bye: Sonny Barger, founder of Hells Angels, died 6/30/22 at 83. In 1957, Barger founded the Oakland, Calif., Angels chapter and became a legendary public face of the organization.  Barger was surrounded by loved ones when he died, including his wife, Zorana, according to the statement. To my knowledge Barger was a stand-up guy, a man of respect, and you always knew where he stood. I believe he will sit at the Table Of Hero’s.

It doesn’t work that way: Uncle Joe is now demanding the Senate, you know that group that represents their constituents the voters, create an “exception” to the 60-vote filibuster. “I feel extremely strongly that I’m going to do everything in my power, which I legally can do in terms of executive orders, as well as push the Congress and the public,” he says. So basically, the hell with what the voters want, Uncle Joe wants it is way. Remember this, and who votes to do it, next election cycle. They are elected to “represent” you and me. If they don’t, don’t re-elect them.

It’s not the same, this is totally different: As reported; Dailey Beast, “The Proud Boys are continuing their pathetic crusade against entirely voluntary Pride Month events for kids at libraries. This time, seven members of the far-right group, who claim to be protecting children, stormed a storytime hour at the Virginia M. Tutt library in South Bend, Indiana.” “This appears to be a tactic or strategy that the Proud Boys are using to harass, threaten, and intimidate members of the LGBTQ community,” said midwest regional director of the Anti-Defamation League David Goldenberg. Excuse me, isn’t that like picketing a Supreme Court Justice’s home residence? Isn’t it just like publishing the names and address of conservative politicians in a local newspaper? Isn’t it like shouting down the speaker at a rally because you don’t agree with him? Oh, I’m sorry, because it’s “conservative” it’s different. I forgot.

You gotta listen to me: Remember what I said about not petting the big shaggy cows, well you just wouldn’t listen would you? Well last Thursday a 71-year-old Pennsylvania woman was gored by a one on Wednesday in Yellowstone National Park, in “the third reported bison and visitor incident” this year. The woman, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, was transported to a hospital in Cody, WY.

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