Thank Gods It’s Friday (big deep announcer voice)

The media is the problem: The latest evidence, the repeatedly rebuked and debunked story of President Trump grabbing the steering wheel on a vehicle on Jan6. The witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, stated at the start of her “testimony” that she had been told about the incident and did not witness it. (hear·say /ˈhirˌsā/noun information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate) Hearsay is usually NOT admissible in court as evidence. An yet every media outlet, including fox, has reported the headline “Trump grabbed steering wheel and attacked Secret Service agent”. And the Secret Service agents themselves have said it didn’t happen. Again, this is not a trial or an attempt to “get the truth”, it’s a sham whose only existence is to fault Trump for everything.

Out of touch: “Comedian” Wanda Sykes trashed middle America during her appearance Monday on CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, arguing red states in the “middle” of the country are to blame for the Supreme Court’s historic overturning of Roe v. Wade. “It’s no longer majority rule,” she said, apparently forgetting that the Supreme Court doesn’t decide cases based on popular opinion. She also said states like California and New York should decide matters of national importance because they have the most people. She then blamed red states in middle America. So the hell with the rest of us, especially since NYC and Hollywierd are doing sooo good. Out of touch? YES.

You hear the same story over and over, there’s some truth there: After Honolulu Liquor Commission inspectors allegedly forced their way into a local bar and assaulted one of its owners in the process, the bar filed a civil lawsuit saying the commission had violated the club’s civil rights. Now, numerous bars and liquor establishments are coming forward, anonymously for fear of retribution. This has been a problem for 50 years.  I’ve heard the same story from dozens of different owners I have known over the years and they all tell the same basic story. Maybe it’s time the C&C did something about it. Nah, nobody wants to rock the boat. Especially during an election season.

Leaving the sinking ship: After 140 years Chevron is the latest large American company planning to leave a blue state for greener pastures and a better business environment in a red state, in this case, Texas. The energy giant said it will cover relocation costs for some employees to move from San Ramon to Texas. Man, that’s gonna hurt the tax base.

The 1980’s want their music back:  In 2011, an article published by National Public Radio predicted the “Callin’ Oates” emergency hotline would not have a long shelf life. Nine years later, the line remains active, ready to handle your Hall and Oates needs. Simply call the hotline for throwback oldies (but goodies) and press:1 to listen to “One on One.”2 to listen to “Rich Girl.3 to listen to “Maneater.”4 to listen to “Private Eyes.” I know for a fact, I’ve been in a situation where I needed a Hall and Oates song. NEVER.

Headed to Hilo for the 3 day weekend. Enjoy the Holiday, share with your loved one, and never forget why we celebrate it.

Gas in Honolulu 6.29.22. What are you paying?

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