Tuesday Motes To Think Upon

No good deed goes unpunished: Normally a  6-3 victory at the Supreme Court vindicating a constitutional right is usually cause for congratulations, but not these days at the woke firm of Kirkland & Ellis, the giant white-shoe law firm. The firm has rewarded partner Paul Clement for his triumph Thursday in the big New York gun-rights case by telling him to drop his gun clients or leave the firm.  Mr. Clement and his litigation partner, Erin Murphy are leaving the firm rather than dump their clients. That’s the honorable and ethical decision. Kirkland’s invertebrate abdication (spineless) illustrates how progressive ideology dominates the commanding heights of American law, business and culture. 

Just make ‘em up: Ilhan Omar say Jesus was a Palestinian Muslim. Never mind that Palestine didn’t exist and Islam was still 600 years in the future. So if you ignore those minor details, and just make things up as you go, you sound like…well, an idiot.

Verrry interesting: At the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, security cameras were down. At the 2021 John McAfee suicide, the cameras were down. During the 2022 New York subway shooting, the cameras were down. And in the cellblock during the 2019 Jeffery Epstein “suicide” the cameras were…down. Boy, that’s some crappy security systems in New York, Spain,  and Las Vegas.

Smarter than your average bear: Repeatedly failed perpetual candidate Stacy Abrams, who has no means of support, doesn’t practice law, and has never seen a sandwich she doesn’t like, now claims to be worth $3.17 million which is up from $109,000 four years ago, mostly from her highly not sought after books and exorbitant speech fees. See, being a non-practicing attorney pays good.

Saw the future: Watching the old tv series Eureka (2006 -2012). This was a sci-fi show about a town full of government sponsored geniuses working on top secret government stuff. Happen to catch an episode on the town voting for a new mayor. When asked why they were using paper ballots the sheriff was told “..digital voting machines are too easy to tamper with..” Hmmm.

Train as if it were real: A Los Angeles police officer was beaten to death by his fellow officers who were simulating a mob attack during a training exercise, his mother claims in a wrongful death lawsuit. Tipping was “repeatedly struck in the head severely enough that he bled,” requiring stitches, and suffered “multiple breaks in his neck,” his mother, Shirley Huffman, said in the lawsuit. This is taking training just a little too far.

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