Sunday Rant

“The sound and the fury of the few will always overpower the silence of the many.”

This week in the news I read about an offended citizen, calling the police on a comedian, in the middle of his performance. One of the jokes had “offended” they/them. Whhhaattt?

 A national grocery chain has agreed to remove items from their shelves because someone sent a e-mail to say they were offended. Huuhh?

So, if I do or say something you are ”offended” by, I must change my life to fit you ?

Well, NO. Oh HELL NO. This type of action/response is all too common in our daily lives today. I have had someone stop me and complain about the “MAGA” patch on my hat. I told them “Don’t look at it.” They/them said it offended them. I simply said, “I don’t care”. And walked away. It’s that simple. I don’t care.

 Recently the employees of company “A” demanded the management make certain changes. The company’s answer, and the one all company’s should  use, “You don’t like the way we run our company, you are free to go.” If the students demand the university use these books and teach classes this way, the University’s answer should be, “Thanks for your input, we hope you find success in your future endeavors. Bye.”

It’s time we stopped allowing the ”sound and fury” to run, and ruin, our lives. Stand up to them, tell to take a hike, and pretty soon they/them will stop trying.

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