Big Tuesday Motes, Big Motes

Coincidence I’m sure: Over the past two months, thousands of depositors have been fighting to recover their savings from at least four rural banks in Henan, China, in a case that involves billions of dollars. In late May, hundreds of them traveled to Zhengzhou from across China and staged a protest outside the office of the Henan banking regulator to demand their money back — to no avail. Another protest was planned for Monday. But as the depositors arrived in Zhengzhou, they were stunned to find that their health codes — which were green upon departure — had turned red, according to six who spoke with news and social media posts. Anyone with a red code — usually assigned to people infected with Covid or deemed by authorities to be at high risk of infection — immediately becomes persona non grata. They are banned from all public venues and transport and are often subject to weeks of government quarantine. Dozens of depositors were taken into a quarantine hotel guarded by police and local officials, before being sent away on trains bound for their hometowns the next day. My, how convenient. This is what happens with the “social credit” systems, like the one our .gov wants to install.

Our system of justice has crashed: We no longer have “guilt by preponderance of evidence”. It has now become “guilt by accusation”. What happens now, someone accuses you of something, anything, and there is no evidence. Doesn’t matter. You will have to spend the majority of your time defending yourself against that accusation. And when it’s proven false, nobody apologizes, or even says anything. They just leave it out there. Example, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., will take legal action against the Demorat political action committee that claimed, without evidence, that she was an “unlicensed paid escort.” The committee, appropriately named the “American Muckrakers PAC” issued a press release accusing Boebert of working as an “unlicensed escort” for a “sugar daddy” website. Boebert will now have to expend time, energy, and finances to defend against these allegations. Doesn’t matter what the end results are, the damages have been done.

They always have to brag about it: A woman group in N.C. were going to have a get-together at a local brewery. Unfortunately, they were a conservative group, so one of the “libs of tik tok” got their evening canceled. It appears she called the eatery, made some vague threats about possible violence, and they canceled the meeting. She then went on “twitter” and boasted about it. This is when you use their tactics and start picketing her front yard. What happens when every conservative is unable to go out in public and enjoy life like a second-class citizen? Eventually they’ll get fed up. Yeah, they are twisting their dimmer bringing us ever closer to flipping the “ON” switch. Stop it, for the love of God stop it, because we will not take to being drummed out of where we live because we don’t want drag queens in our schools.

Where’d it go: Even the msm has had to admit the “Hunter Laptop” is real. Of course, they are doing everything they can to ignore the information and pictures from it. But what happened to the “Biden Diary”? Search warrants have been served. Court orders have been issued. Restraining orders have been applied. But where is the diary? Probably in the same evidence box as the Epstein buyers list. In Warehouse 13.

See, it works: Boy, am I glad they passed the “Anti-Lynching” law. And we haven’t had a lynching since.

About time: New film coming out called “The Iron Claw”. The film will be based on the true story of the Von Erichs, the film follows the rise and fall of the Von Erich family, a dynasty of wrestlers who made a huge impact on the sport from the 1960s to the present day. I met “Kerry” Von Erich years ago and have followed the family story for years. The “Von Erich Curse” is well known in the pro-wrestling community. Gonna want to see this one.

Take your own advice: Dean Norris, whose net worth is an estimated worth of about $5 million, has twitted out; “Youre not getting “robbed” at the pump. You’re paying fair market price for a commodity. If you love Capitalism so much then stfu.” I wonder what he’d say if got paid for what he actually did. You know, $22.36/hour when actually on set, no $$ for rehearsals, and ½ pay for public appearances. Dean, baby, if it wasn’t for the capitalism you seem to hate, you’d be working as plumber and bitching about the gas and food price increases like the rest of us common folk.

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