Sunday Rant

This is my opinion and only my opinion.

Yes, I believe Roe-v-Wade should be overturned. It is my opinion that it was an over-reach by the Supreme Court and really falls under the 10th Amendment and should be decided by the individual states, not the federal government.

There is no “constitutional right” to abortion.

First and foremost, any pregnant woman/girl under the age of 16 needs parents/guardians present when there is any discussion of having an abortion. Not some school guidance counselor. Parents or guardians.

I believe an adult woman should be free to terminate a pregnancy, up to 15-16 weeks (to be decided by the individual state) or as soon as a heartbeat is detected. After the heartbeat, it is a child.

 After that, the child should be brought to full term. If not wanted, and I cannot understand that, given for adoption.

There are other things need to be considered. In case of rape or incest, and the woman does not wish to go to full term, same time frame should apply. Unless she was “forced to conceal”, the pregnancy past the 1st trimester. This happens often in incest cases. There should be no “hard and fast” rule.

 In the event the pregnancy becomes a danger to the mother, by a doctor’s determination, any time up to the onset of labor.

 Yes, I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but she cannot choose to kill a child. Once a heartbeat is detectable, it is a child.

This is simplistic, yes. The actual laws, because of lawyers, will be much more complicated and confusing.

There is no “constitutional right” to abortion.

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