Motes For A Second Monday

Elephant  Never forgets: Maya Murmu had been fetching water from a well in the eastern Indian state of Odisha on Thursday when an elephant came barreling toward her, according to the Print India. The tusked pachyderm had apparently escaped from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in a neighboring state. The 70-year-old woman in India was trampled to death by the elephant. Murmu’s family was then performing her last rites before lighting a funeral pyre when the elephant allegedly returned and grabbed her body. The animal threw the corpse in the air and then ran away, the local outlet reported. I don’t know what she did, but boy were the elephants pizzed.

If there’s more than 3, at least one: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho police say that a U-Haul truck carrying 31 members of the radical Patriot Front group was stopped in the downtown area a couple of blocks from the North Idaho Pride Alliance, which was holding the Coeur d’Alene Pride in the Park event. The Patriot Front members were charged with conspiracy to riot after authorities found riot gear, one smoke grenade, shin guards, and shields inside the van. They wore identical clothing — khakis, navy blue shirts, beige hats, and a white cloth covering their faces. Are they dangerous? Probably no more so than Antifa or some of these radical BLM offshoots. Like many radicals, they talk a big game, but when it comes to carrying out any of their grandiose plans, they fall a little short. How much do you want to et there are at least ½ dozen snitches or “undercover” leo’s in the group? Or more appropriately, provocateurs.

Red flag laws: Basically, if you say something, and somebody doesn’t like it, or takes offense to your lifestyle, and they know you own a weapon, they can call the police, report you “may” be a threat. The the cops can get a warrant, from a judge, based on nothing with no evidence or you having any chance to refute the claims, come to your home, probably in the middle of the night, and seize all your firearms, and you will be unable to get them back. Nobody has to prove anything, you never get a chance to tell your “side of the story”, and you will never be allowed to purchase another firearm. Oh yeah, I can’t see anybody abusing that.

Some pigs are more equal than others: Early Wednesday, two U.S. Marshals witnessed a suspect dressed in black clothing exit a taxi in front of Supreme Court Justice’s Montgomery County home with a backpack and suitcase. Shortly afterwards, the suspect, identified as Nicholas John Roske, called 911 to report he was experiencing suicidal thoughts and intended to kill the SCOTUS in response to the Supreme Court draft opinion leak from May. Police officers arrested Roske after the call and apprehended several items including a black tactical chest rig and tactical knife, Glock 17 pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, and zip ties. Now, this should be front page news on every msm outlet, but isn’t. Why? The Judge threatened was Brett Kavanaugh, a “conservative”. Yessir, we have the finest 2-tier legal system in the world today.

For the past 2 weeks I have been fighting pneumonia. And it’s been a battle. Fortunately I have a good family physician and managed to escape ending up in the hospital. Hopefully full recovery time will be short, but I ain’t counting on it. Stay aware. Stay safe.

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