Monday, New Week, Motes

Who’s responsible? : A Missouri court on Tuesday upheld a judgment awarding the money to the woman who claimed she caught the human papillomavirus after having sex in 2017 with a male partner in his 2014 Hyundai Genesis. That’s right, she had sex in his car, got a STD, and it’s the auto-insurance company that has to pay. If you get in a dui vehicle accident you can sue the bar. How long before we start suing the brewery and distillery? Why the hell is it the insurance company that has to pay?

It’s all just theater: The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has announced murder charges for two men taken into custody following Saturday’s mass shooting on South Street. The shooters, one 18 y-o and one 17y-o, are both facing murder charges. (The minimum legal age for purchasing handguns in Pennsylvania is 21.)  It appears these two persons-of-color began firing indiscriminately into a late-night crowd. How much of this have you seen in the msm? None. It doesn’t forward the narrative. We need just one more law and this will all stop. Honest.

Music isn’t everything: Halsey’s (no, I don’t know who she is.) Maryland stadium concert was cancelled on Wednesday night after a tornado warning forced fans to take shelter in bathrooms and extreme flooding inundated the venue. But wait, just like the late-night infomercial, there’s more. Fans posted videos to social media from the Merriweather Pavilion in Columbia showing rats emerging from the rising waters and trying to get out of the water and onto the stage. Screams can be heard in one clip as a person tries to kick a rodent off the stage and into a pool of water next to where they are standing. At 10pm the venue tweeted that the concert was being called off “due to weather-related technical difficulties”. Sorry, I wouldn’t have waited around that long. I kinda have a “fist rat, I’m out” policy.

It was bound to happen: In September 1962 the Smothers Brothers recorded a comedy album (vinyl disc) which included a song about falling into a “Big Vat of Chocolate”. Well, last Thursday First responders rescued two Mars Wrigley employees who fell into a chocolate tank Thursday at an Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, factory. It is unclear how they fell into the tank.

The J6 media show is just that, a show. It is written and scripted for a desired effect and end.  Few, if any, guilty will be punished. It will bury and cover-up everything but what they want to show. Nothing will be exposed.

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