Big Thursday Motes

Tribal lessons:  A lot of people don’t know the indigenous people of Hawaii were treated very much like native Americans after the 1893 “annexation” of the Hawaiian Islands. This was a totally illegal takeover. So it is only natural that the Hawaiian people should use the same tactic’s Native Americans have to gain recompense. A small parcel of land in central Oahu is the site of another standoff between a group claiming ownership of the land based on Native Hawaiian ancestral rights, and a company holding the modern land title. The unidentified group took over a 5-acre lot in an Oahu agricultural subdivision in September and proclaimed themselves the rightful owners by “heirdom.” Not sure how this will play out. IMHO, the reason Hawaiian groups can’t get the same recognition as the Indians do, the Hawaiian groups have no clear leader. Unlike the Indians who had traditional and hereditary chiefs, the Hawaiian groups all claim “Alii”. Until they iron that out, they’ll only get in each other’s way. Nothing will be gained.

Someone sees it right: Lucretia Hughes, with the DC Project Women for Gun Rights, spoke to the US Congress on Wednesday. But it was not the usual take ‘em all away type speech. Lucretia told the lawmakers the story on how her son was shot and killed point-blank in the head. She then attacked the gun control lobbyists and politicians who claim that their policies will save lives and reduce violence. “Ten more laws, 20 more laws, a thousand more won’t make what is already illegal, more wrong or stopped criminals from committing these crimes,” Lucretia asserted. You all are delusional if you think this is going to keep us safe,” Lucretia added. The only people protected by gun grabbers are criminals and tyrants. Yes.

Honor among brothers: For more than two decades, federal law enforcement authorities pursued the Mongols, a notorious motorcycle club whose members had a long history of murder, assault, drug dealing and robbery. In 2018, the government scored a victory of sorts. The club was ordered to pay a $500,000 fine in what prosecutors hoped would be a down payment on putting it out of business. The club is trying to get the verdict set aside based on what it says is new evidence about its previous leader, David Santillan, was a snitch. The Mongols are now claiming that throughout their attempt to defend the club in the long-running criminal case, their own leader was secretly talking to the government. There’s much much more, but the bottom line is, if there are 3 or more, 1 is a snitch. Today even more so.

Is it true: It appears that Nasty Nan’s hubby has been given a free walk on his recent dui. There appears to be no mug shot on file and no complaint filed. Hummmm

They want your kids: Canadian school district is partnering to host a “youth pride dance” that plans to deny parents access, according to a flier marketing the dance. The City of Surrey posted a flier on its website promoting the “Youth Pride Dance” specifically stating that parents are not permitted to enter the dance for the “privacy and safety” of LGBT students. Students will “explore” the history of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, and more, according to the flier. Snacks and prizes “for creative outfits” will also be available. Oh hell no.

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