I’m Back Motes

Sorry for the lightness of the motes. I had to spend a few days with battling a case of pneumonia and only started feeling better the last couple of day.

Not a freakin’ dime: Is your mailbox full of “give us money” letters? So is mine. I give to some, but  one I never give to is “PITA”. The deceptively-named “People for the Ethical Treatment” of Animals has ripped a sick and elderly chimp away from his loving caretaker who had faked his death to protect him from them. The chimp was at the home of Tonia Haddix, his caretaker who lost custody of him and six others after a lengthy court-battle with the organization. Tonka, the chimp who starred in the movie Buddy, cried out in fear for nearly an hour during the seizure as the organization’s so-called “expert” did not appear to know how to properly tranquilize him. He could be heard thrashing around his cage in a panic after the organization, and the court marshals protecting them, ordered Haddix out of the room. A US Marshal, who was at the house, said that the organization will “probably euthanize him”. I have read numerous stories on this and many other PETA “rescues”. They are money grubbing publicity hounds that don’t give a good godsdamned spit in the wind for the actual animals. IMHO

The year “The lights went out in Georgia”: All sorts of bizarre is going on in GA right now. Fulton is calling an emergency meeting to amend certified results. Cobb County did already on Friday, illegally it seems. And we still have the debacle in Dekalb. Far-left MSNBC host Tiffany Cross on Saturday said Republicans are going to “cheat” in the midterm elections because no one likes their policies.  Judge Amy Totenberg sealed and covered up the results of an investigation of voting machines in Georgia.  This report has still not been released.  But there is no voter fraud.

Be on the look-out: A Honolulu man is refusing to give up a license plate with the words “FCK BLM,” referring to the activist organization Black Lives Matter, written across it. The license plate was first reported in August 2021 and brought to the attention of city authorities. They recalled the plate, but the car is reportedly still driving around with the same plates, KITV4 reported. Local, and national, news have reported that the vehicle owner has been notified to turn in the plates, but has refused do so. For some reason, people are claiming the plate is “racist”, hateful, and obscene. I think an organization that promotes violence against people because of their color, con’s millions of dollars out of donors and appends it to support a lavish lifestyle, and then cry’s “racism” when criticized is “racist”, hateful, and obscene. And trying to turn a whole town into a massive snitch network is also obscene.  Personally, I see the plate, I’m gonna shaka.

Supersecretsyrianagressivenastyhamsters (think Mary Poppins): Scientists inadvertently bred a horde of unusually aggressive hamsters after a gene editing experiment to ‘reduce aggression’ went wrong. the chemical change turned the Syrian hamsters wild, prompting fights inside cages. To investigate further, scientists deactivated the edited gene, removing a receptor that interacts with vasopressin in key regions of the brain. Now immune to the hormone, it was thought the rodents would become friendlier. The results were anything but, with a heightened frequency of fighting, biting, chasing and pinning down among the hamsters in their cages.  Murder hornets. Poisonous toads. And now super aggressive hamsters.

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