Monday(oops) Tuesday Motes

Save the planet: Don’t have any more of those “World Economic Forum’s”. Over 1,500 private jets brought the participants. I’m not going into the carbon footprints, they’re huge, or the costs, $22,000 to $75,000  dollars per jet, but think of all that hot air emanating from podium’s in Davos.  Stop all that and save the planet.

Not all minorities are equal: “In a country of 60 million people, where violent crime is common, but the vast majority of its victims are Black, the police record dozens of murders of whites on farms and other small holdings each year. But the notion that white farmers were being singled out for attack was largely confined to the far-right web. South African civil rights organization AfriForum has called on international media outlets to acknowledge the extent to which minority communities in South Africa are being threatened by discriminatory policies, violent farm attacks and murders, land invasions, and hate speech. The overwhelming majority of these victims are from the WHITE minority. Official data by the South African Police Service (SAPS) indicates that roughly two farm attacks have been reported every day, and approximately two farm murders have been reported every week in South Africa over a period of two decades, AfriForum stated.

Happy Belated Birthday; To Gummi Bears, 100 years old. Some of the original run are still in vending machines.

Congratulations: To former White House Press Secretary and mother Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She won the Arkansas GOP gubernatorial primary last Tuesday night, with 86.2% of the vote. Wow. She was tough as WH spokesperson and there is no doubt in my mind she will be an excellent governor.

Another law enforcement agency that isn’t: Federal agents with Homeland Security Investigations and Honolulu police are stepping up efforts to shut down game rooms. HSI Special Agent in Charge John Tobon said his agency is working with HPD to try and find federal charges. According to the federal website, “DHS is responsible for counterterrorism, cybersecurity, aviation security, border security, port security, maritime security, administration and enforcement of our immigration laws, protection of our national leaders, protection of critical infrastructure, cybersecurity, detection of and protection against chemical, biological and nuclear threats to the homeland, and response to disasters.” I don’t see anything about state gambling violations, they don’t seem to be doing much about immigration laws, and I doubt any of the “game room” participants are national leaders that need protection. Another federal agency that has overstepped and continues to overreach their boundaries.

Wrong direction: I just learned the New York state law that allows the suing of gun manufacturers has been upheld by the State Supreme Court. So, if someone buys a gun in Oregon, takes it to New York and misuses it and harms someone else, the manufacturer of the firearm is liable. HUH? How the hell does that make sense? Same thought chain: A guy driving a Buick, gets drunk, drives onto a sidewalk and kills a pedestrian. The pedestrian’s family then sues Buick because they “should have known” someone drunk could use their product to harm someone else. Same thought process. Same stupid.

Why yes, I do have a thing about dragons: Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Randy the bearded dragon. He got his head stuck in a “Sponge Bob Pineapple House” and had to be surgically rescued. Bearded or not, he is a Dragon, so speedy recovery.

Does anybody remember: Patricia Krenwinkel, a former Charles Manson follower, was recommended for release by a California parole board for the first time Thursday. The now-74-year-old was convicted of seven counts of first degree murder in the killings that left seven people dead in August of 1969. She has previously been denied parole 14 times for her participation in the murders. Manson himself died in prison in 2017. Remind me some time to tell you about the Manson family member I dated.

The weekend went about as expected. More on that tomorrow. Remember, if you keep your expectations low you’re seldom disappointed and often pleasantly surprised.

And a shout out to Jessica of North Caolina. It was great talking on the flight with you. I agree, you are awesome. You believe in yourself, we all do. Aloha


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