Motes, Running Away To The Weekend

The facts don’t fit: Apparently, being illegally present in the U.S. is now a “right” rather than a criminal act, and not even a “privilege” when done legally.  I notice how they all seem to be waving the flags of the countries they are desperate not to be sent back to. And their yells of “racism” at the supposed racist hellhole they nevertheless would rather live in have a hollow ring. I also notice they are all wearing clean clothes, newish sport shoes, all have cell phones, and nobody believes Granny rolled her wheelchair, also new and in great condition, 3,000 miles.  There’s probably a lot of help and coaching going on here.

 How freakin’ low can they go: California mother whose 11-year-old daughter has a rare disease that impacts her ability to digest food says she was scammed while trying to purchase baby formula amid the nationwide shortage. Keely Aguilar’s daughter, Nataliyah, has Bainbridge Roper Syndrom, which is “characterized by developmental delay or intellectual disability, typically in the moderate to severe range, with speech and language delay and/or absent speech.” The NIH indicates that digestive complications may arise as well. The daughter can only ingest formula that has been “pre-broken down” in a feeding tube through to her intestines. It appears that Keely has been contacted by lowlife’s claiming to have the special formula and telling her they will sell it to her for xx amount of dollars, then disappear. These would be the same people that will open “memorial” accounts for recent violence victims, raise money for “injured vet’s”, and want to “save the tigers”. They Are lowlife, scumm eating, wastes of air. I hope Ms. Aguilar and her daughter receive all the help they deserve.

Bet he’s got formula: There is a certain irony to Buttigieg, who was not elected to anything, proposing a “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine. The Marshall Plan was an American initiative enacted in 1948 to provide foreign aid to Western Europe. The United States transferred over $13 billion in economic recovery programs to Western European economies after the end of World War II. The irony? We’ve already spent about $54 BILLION dollars on Ukraine, our gas has tripled in the last 16 months, and we are flying baby formula from Germany to the empty shelves in America. I didn’t say it was a funny irony.

A Florida Man: The title seems to be the new “gag” lead for everyone these days. Well, tell that to Florida resident, Kyle Cook. In the last four years Kyle has been bitten by a rattlesnake, struck by lightning, bitten by a poisonous spider, and attacked by a gator. Cook, of Lakeland FL says he doesn’t know if he’s unlucky, or incredibly fortunate. His father says, “I walk on the other side of the mall.” Me to.

Count on it: After the recent incidents, the usual suspects will start their usual “Ban the NRA”, “NRA is responsible for the deaths” and “Defund the NRA”.  The NRA has killed nobody. The NRA murders 0 people and receives 0 government dollars. Planned Parenthood kills 350,000+ babies every year and receives $500 million in tax funds every year. A gun doesn’t kill anyone. We don’t need more “commonsense” gun laws.

What?: In the wake of Tuesday’s attack on a Texas elementary school which left 19 children and two adults dead, CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem called for the federal government to suspend immigration enforcement in the area of Uvalde, Texas, and turn the small town into a “safe harbor” for illegals residing there. Oh common, haven’t those people suffered enough? And just how will that help?

Another Inappropriate response: Another divisive and grotesque speech by the ‘great unifier. In a speech about the Uvalde shooting Uncle Joe says,” “So many black Americans wake up knowing they could lose their life in the course of just living their life — jogging, shopping, sleeping at home.” Just what this has to do with 19 elementary school children murdered in their classroom by a madman is anybody’s guess.

In Hilo for the three-day weekend. It’s the time of the “Flower Moon”. Planning on attending the “Alii’s Poker Run” and seeing some old friends and maybe making some new ones. I’ll try to get some pictures for next week.

Hey Charley A., was nice talking with you Tuesday. Stay safe.

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