Thursday Motes To Ponder Before Friday

Not just “Murder, She Wrote”: She’s won 12 “Emmy’s”. She’s been nominated for an “Oscar” 3 times, and now she’s getting ‘Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre”. Angela Lansbury, 96, already has 5 “Tony’s” before this award. She is now the oldest living Oscar nominee. You may not know but in her early days, Ms. Lansbury was a beautiful woman and played many ingénue parts. Congratulations Ms. Lansbury.

 A sad Good-Bye; (From Valorguardians) The heartwarming story of Raleigh Nayes. He received the Congressional Gold Medal on behalf of his old unit, the WWII Merrill’s Marauders. He was only one of three of the roughly 3,000 men that served in the unit that were still alive. The Marauders were a special operations force in the China-India-Burma Theater of the Pacific War. They were one of the precursors to the modern Army Rangers and Special Forces. Nayes received the CGM on April 20, 2022. He past in his sleep, that night, at the Age of 99. He now has joined his Comrades in Arms at the Table of Heroes. Rest in Peace.

Only one reason: Charges against rapper 16-year-old Camrin Williams, also known as C-Blu, have been dropped after he allegedly shot an NYPD officer. Williams allegedly shot an officer in the leg when the two struggled after he refused police orders. Williams was already on probation for a prior gun case. It has been announced the “rapper” will face no charges. No reason for the lack of charges has been given. Excuse me? A juvenile, who is prohibited by state and federal law from owning or possessing a handgun, shoots a cop while on probation for a prior case involving an illegal handgun and there are no charges? Who’d he snitch out?

Are they kidding? The “Real Housewives of Dubai”? Give me a break. Or maybe, “Oh, gag me with a spoon”.

Why is it, every time someone starts to rock the boat, someone makes a “sexual” misconduct complaint about them. Remember, one is chance, twice is happenstance, 3 times is enemy action.

Our Constitution under attack: Australia has an eSafety Commissioner named Julie Inman-Grant.  While delivering remarks to the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, she outlined a new on-line era where free speech would need to be “recalibrated,” and the ability to be free from something called “on-line violence.” Remember, Speech the leftists do not like, they call violence; and violence the leftists support, they call speech. Of course, this is at the “World Economic Forum” so this will apply to “everyone”. Free Speech is a matter of interpretation. Please remember that Ms. Inman-Grant worked for 17 years for that other promotor of the NWO, Bill Gates.

The brilliance is blinding: From “thegregariousloner.blogspot.”In a stunning and brilliant move, the Biden administration used a military aircraft to deliver 3 days’ worth of baby formula from Germany to the USA. In an equally stunning but not quite as brilliant move, it turns out they had zero plans on distributing the formula, and it’s sitting in a warehouse while they take a few months to figure something out.*Updated, to the best of my knowledge… The formula, a special kind for babies allergic to regular milk, went straight to its manufacturer’s (Nestle) US facility. There, they say “A few cases” will go out at once, and the rest will wait for “Quality testing” before being released into the supply stream. They also say none will reach store shelves.

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