Tuesday Motes, With Traffic Reports

Headline: “Why Is Jill Biden Going on Diplomatic Missions Again?” (Or at all?) Is it time to ask who’s really in charge of the country again? It’s been widely speculated for over a year now that it’s not Joe Biden, and in some ways, that’s probably a good thing. His mental fitness has come into question numerous times over the years and was even an issue frequently brought up by Republicans but ignored by the mainstream media during the 2020 campaign. We know Harris is an idiot. She can’t string a coherent thought together, even with the help of her writers, who also seem pretty bad. So, who IS running things? Inquiring minds want to know? It’s just none of those minds are demorats.

Teach your children: In the first 5 months of 2022, there have been at least 135 teachers and assistants Arrested for committing heinous sex crimes against their students. At least 102 of the 135 arrests directly involved sex crimes with a student at the school the teacher was employed. Thursday there was a story about a teacher being turned in by her husband when he found she was having a “relationship” with a 16-17 y-o female student. Parents repeatedly try to publicly read passages from the schools “recommended” reading list of books but are shut down because it is “too graphic” to read “for the record”. American parents are fed up and they should be. Now we need to convert “fed up” into votes, conservative leaders, and a return to common values and decency.

Nope: Does anyone really believe Uncle Joe has closed down his Disinformation Governance Board? Me either. Hey, The “DGB”, sounds kinda like the old russian KGB? And probably will act like it. They’ll wait until the ho ha ha dies down, quietly restart it, and not pay any attention to what we peasants want.

Success story: In 1975 Jonathan Searle and his brother acting in Spielberg’s “Jaws” filmed in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. They were remembered as two pranksters who swam with a cardboard shark fin and created panic on a crowded beach. Searle gave up his career of acting to follow in his father’s footsteps of becoming a police officer. Jonathan’s father, George Searle, served on the force and eventually became a police chief between 1981 and 1995. As an officer, Searle helped lead Project Outreach, an initiative that pairs recovery coaches with officers struggling with addictions and helps them get into recovery programs. Now, by a vote of 3 to 1, he is now Chief of Police for Oak Bluffs. Congratulations, Chief.

I met him, I wasn’t impressed: Duane Chapman, aka “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” reacted to the Buffalo shooting by claiming that Americans should have to get a mental health card from a doctor before buying a gun. “Here’s my idea after 40 some years of experience. You need a mental health card from a doctor that says you qualify to be able to own a gun.” Forty years of experience? Pretty good talk from someone who hasn’t been allowed to own or possess a firearm for 47 years due to his FELONY conviction. Duane you’ve been reading far too much of your own publicity. And believing it. I think you need a mental exam if you think anybody should listen to you about anything.

Science stuff: There is Dark matter, which affects the universe. There is Anti-matter which affects atoms And, there is doesn’t-matter, which seems to have no effect on anything.

Gas 5/21/22. What are you paying?

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