Another Set Of Monday Motes

How does this happen?: A 15-year-old girl attended a Dallas Mavericks basketball game at the American Airlines Center with her dad on April 8, 2022. She got up to use the restroom and never came back. The girl went to the restroom before halftime. When she didn’t return, the father told security she was missing. They “searched”. Security video showed her leaving with a much older man. The Dallas police told the parents to call the North Richland police who told them to call the Dallas police. Not much good there. The parents contacted the Houston-based Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative. I guess they are a private-investigation firm. They found the girl in less than 2 days. She was being trafficked. She was rescued, but after being held for 10 days, being repeatedly raped and abused. Why did it take a private company to do the Law Enforcement job? Why did the cops keep passing the buck?  What about the “clients”? Are they being id’d? Was the “older” man acquainted with the girl? Lots of questions here.

Or this: Jayden Hayden (22) filmed himself beating the seniors in their beds until they were bleeding. One victim was identified as a 75-year-old veteran. The veteran was later moved to another facility, where he died. Hayden was arrested and charged shortly after his videos of him abusing elderly victims went viral. Hayden was originally sent to the nursing home facility to recover from Coronavirus so not only was he abusing elderly patients, but he was also spreading Covid. Hayden’s father argued that his son is not a vicious person and that he’s a victim of the system. “He was in crisis,” Marty Hayden said of his son, who had a history of violent behavior. The charges against Jaden Hayden were dropped this week after declaring him incompetent to face trial. He has a history of violence, attacks those that cannot defend themselves, video records the attacks and knows how to post them on the interwebz, but is “incompetent” to stand trial. Am I the only one yelling “horse shat”?

Aren’t we taking this “Anybody can be President” just a little too far?

Blast from the past: The FBI is investigating potential “criminal enterprise activities” of the Vallejo chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, including the possession of guns, silencers, and more than 1,000 rounds of ammo seized in a series of December raids, court records show. News of the investigation comes as three Hells Angels members are standing trial in a racketeering and murder case centering on the Hells Angels of Sonoma County. That case stems from a series of arrests in 2017, involves more than a dozen defendants and allegations that members of charters in Fresno, Sonoma, Boston, and elsewhere conspired to murder a Hells Angels sergeant-at-arms and dispose of his body through an illegal cremation. I say a blast from the past because they (the HA) have been out of the headlines for the last couple of years. But, here they are again. Of course, the first one to testify is an “undercover officer” that “infiltrated” the HA chapter. A snitch. If there is more than 3, 1 is an informant.

Not one: NY Gov. Kathy Hochul on Wednesday declared domestic terrorism to be public enemy No. 1 while announcing moves to prevent future massacres like the racist-fueled in Buffalo dead last weekend. A legislative package and executive orders that she unveiled aims to prevent future attacks by tightening state gun laws, increasing social media monitoring by law enforcement and directing state police to more aggressively seize guns from potential shooters under the state’s red flag Law. State Police will file what is called an Extreme Risk Protection Order to seize weapons or prevent gun purchases by potential threats under the red flag law “whenever they have probable cause to believe that an individual is a threat to themselves or others”. This will not stop a single crime. And the “probable cause” will be abused so badly it will end up being used whenever someone disagrees with them.  

Update: Remember the Japanese guy that got all the towns “covid funds” and took off? Well, Sho Taguchi says he gambled most of the money away online. The 24-year-old has been arrested, police said Thursday, after admitting having spent most of the money that was intended as pandemic relief for low-income households. The funds, about $360,000 (US) were transferred to an account believed to be an online gambling site. Police declined to say how much of the money he actually gambled away, though they said he told them that it was most of it. I think he’ll probably have to find a new place to live.

Weekend playlist was the tracks from the 1999 “Ryman Auditorium Country Family Gathering”. Hosted by Ralph Emory and Bobby Bare it had most of the country greats just sitting playing and singing for their peers. Wow, just awesome.

Last week I posted the picture of Johnny and June. Well, I found these in my collection over the weekend.

Their biography’s.

Their signatures.

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