Wednesday Motes, No Video

A good reason to vote for Trump: White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that he would not serve in that capacity should Donald Trump regain the White House in 2024. When interviewed by Trump-hater Jim Acosta, he simply laughed and said, “well, no” when asked if he would work for the Don again.  One of the few constants in the pandemic has been the ubiquitous television appearances of Fauxci. Another constant was Fauxi flip-flopping and lying. He started lying almost immediately during the early days, claiming to know with certainty that Wuhan was a natural virus when in fact there was evidence that it was engineered. So, getting rid of this p o s is just another good reason to vote for Trump.

Wondering: Think there will ever be a “Porn Stars” Barbie and Ken set? You know, a “Ron Jeremy” Ken. Just wondering. (Can’t get the image out now. Can you?

Make up terms and use them: What the hell is an “enhanced magazine”? The msm is now describing the New York shooter was using “enhanced magazines” in his abhorrent act of murder. And they’ll sell it, and yell it, and make you think it somehow makes the weapon “more dangerous”. Then they’ll outlaw them, and nobody will ever define what it is. But you can’t have one anyway so “it” doesn’t matter.

A sad Good-Bye: Couple of weeks ago, Julie and I did enjoy watching the 2022 movie, “Saved By Ruby”, the story of an unlikely rescue dog becoming a police K-9 in Rhode Island. The real-life Ruby earned national recognition, even being named “Search and Rescue Dog of the Year, when in 2017 when she was instrumental in the rescue of young boy who happened to be the son of shelter worker Patricia Inman. It was Inman that assisted Daniel O’Neil in adopting Ruby out of the shelter, after she had been returned five times for being too “rambunctious. It was with sadness that I read Ruby has crossed over the Rainbow bridge after contracting a sudden, acute, and untreatable illness. Her heart and joyous spirit will be missed by all.

I’d say the later: Was it just coincidence Bette Midler played the hard partying Grandma in the “Adams Family 2”? Or just type casting?

Piers Morgan is an idiot: In his latest piece of “journalism”, Morgan attempted to equate the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms with thew English game Cricket. Then he wonders why police didn’t do anything about the New York shooter before he went on his murderous rampage. First of all, the right of firearms was given up by the English, so they would be safer. How’s that working out for you? On the other idea; Hey Piers, you seem to forget little things like innocent until proven guilty, preponderance of evidence, and punish the guilty. Okay the cops knew the guy was stone azzed crazy troubled but unfortunately that is NOT against the law. (Or we’d be able to have you locked up.) So once again, you and your big brit mouth have no business telling us what Americans “should do”. Personally, I think the NY Post hired you, so the rest of the US msm would look good.

And an early prognostication: The New York shooter will never be executed, he will be deemed mentally unfit, as judged by all his writing and posting, and may even be sent to a “hospital”.

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