Monday Power Point Motes

Courage Story for Monday: One of my “life rules” is “Never Give Up.” Never. A Grandmother in a Sioux City wine store showed how strong that can be, when a “man” 35, and a “woman”, 20, (please notice the age difference) attempted to rob her store. I put “man” and “woman” in quotes because they frown on me calling them animals, because only animals would beat a elderly grandmother so badly she suffered a fractured eye socket, a broken collar bone, rip her hair out leaving open bloody wounds, choke her unconscious, and repeatedly threaten to rape and stab her. The victim convinced the attackers to look for security tapes in another room, dragged herself across the floor, and then managed to fight off both her attackers using a wooden stool and an aluminum chair. She fought both of them. When the police arrived, the suspects fled to the rear of the building, and it took 3 taser shots to subdue the male. The victim says she remembers the only thing she thought of, “Not today. I’m not dying today.”  She Never Gave Up.

It’s getting worse: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre laughed when asked who’s “running point” on the baby formula shortage. Baby formula is out of stock in stores across the United States. In some states, there is as little as 40% of the usual stock. When asked, the WH spox does her very best Kamala impression. Sleepy Joe has pushed the $40+ b dollar “loan” to Ukraine. If one U.S. child dies of malnutrition due to this shortage, Sleepy Joe should be taken out of office, out into a field, and made to kneel in front of the child’s family and answer to them, why. In public. With news coverage.

This makes how many: Another Clinton advisor is dead. Mark Middleton, Bill Clinton’s special advisor from Little Rock, Arkansas who connected the former president to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has died at the age of 59 on Saturday. Local law enforcement and the county coroner stated that they were not investigating the death and did not respond to it. Clearly another case of Clinta-cide.

Not pretty history: U.S. is acknowledging the large-scale and violent treatment of Indigenous students at more than 400 Indian boarding schools run by the federal government between 1819 and 1969. (1969?) Over 500 American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian children’s deaths occurred at 19 of the federal Indian boarding schools, according to the report. In total, 53 marked and unmarked burial sites were identified at these school facilities nationwide. The Interior Department report identified 408 federally run schools in 37 states. Oklahoma had the highest number of schools, with 76, followed by 44 in Arizona, 43 in New Mexico and 30 in South Dakota. These boarding schools also instructed non-Indians, including emancipated Black people known as “Freedmen,”  By now, the only real source of true stories of these “schools”, will the journals and verbal history’s left behind by those attendee’s. This is going to get even uglier.

How far is too far: It’s bad enough when someone doesn’t have a place to live, or enough food for their family, but our neighbor to the north, Canada, has come up with what can only be called an “EVIL” solution. As of last year, the Canadian government is now offering to pay to euthanize people who are “too poor to continue living with dignity.” Anyone who feels as so, the tyrannical state would like to foot the bill for their suicide. That means, if you don’t get it, the Canadian government with help you kill yourself. In 2021, the Canadian parliament enacted Bill C-7, which greatly expanded the valid reasons for medically assisted suicide. Coined as a “sweeping euthanasia law,” the bill removed most restrictions and made it possible for Canadians to legally be euthanized based on their living situation. So, if you think you’re too poor, the State with help you kill yourself. Saayyy Whhhaaattt?

A sad Good-Bye: Randy Weaver, 74. On Aug. 21, 1992, a team of U.S. marshals scouting the forest to find suitable places to ambush and arrest Weaver came across his friend, Kevin Harris, and Weaver’s 14-year-old son Samuel in the woods. A gunfight broke out. Samuel Weaver, his dog, and Deputy U.S. Marshal William Degan were killed. The next day, an FBI sniper shot Randy Weaver. As Weaver, Harris and Sara ran back toward the house, the sniper fired a second bullet, which passed through Vicki Weaver’s head as she held an infant and wounded Harris in the chest. So, in attempts to “arrest” Randy, the government managed to kill his son, his dog, his wife wound a friend, and get a U.S. Marshal killed. Harris and Randy Weaver were arrested, and Weaver’s three daughters went to live with their mother’s family in Iowa. Randy Weaver was acquitted of the most serious charges and Harris was acquitted of all charges. Was he a hero or a villain? He stood for his rights, just wanted to be left alone, and the government response was way over the top. Rest In Peace Randy.

(Sorry, I really don’t have a power point for today.)

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