Thursday Motes, Reflect On Life

Who’s a bad boy: Police arrested an Alabama dog owner after a pack of dogs attacked and killed a state employee investigating an earlier attack. The same pack of dogs allegedly attacked a woman earlier in the week. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says that Jacqueline Summer Beard, an Alabama Department of Public Health employee, went to follow up on an alleged incident involving dogs owned by Brandy Dowdy. Beard’s body was found after deputies responded to calls of a suspicious vehicle on Crumpton Road outside of Red Bay. Some of the dogs had to be “euthanized immediately.” The saying, “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners”, is true. But sometimes the owner screws the animal up so badly, it is kinder for the animal to be put down. Too bad we can’t do the same to those owners. 

President Joe Biden delivered a sharp political speech from the White House on Wednesday warning of the “extreme” agenda from “MAGA” Republicans. “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that has existed in American history,” Biden said. He then then clarified that he meant the most extreme political group in “recent” American history.  Biden spoke during a speech in the White House trumpeting his attempt to reduce the deficit, despite spending more than $3 trillion in his first year as president. He is truly using “doublespeak”. Spending more is reducing debt. “Make America Great Again” is an extreme agenda. The problem is, too many people are buying into it.

Something to think about: Everybody’s up in arms at the SCOTUS leak. It is the first time in the history of the court that information on a decision has been leaked prior to its publishing. My question is more regarding the responsibility for the leak, and the penalty for doing so. To me, it seemed like there was at least 27 people listening in to every Trump call or meeting and immediately leaking the whole thing to “news sources”. So far, it doesn’t seem like anybody listens to Uncle Joe, Harris, or Nasty Nancy.  And since the “decision” seems to lean a little conservative, I see the common denominator. Nobody was punished for Trumps leaks. Nobody cares about those other 3, so I strongly doubt there will be any penalty for this leak. Just thinking, what if this leak is a black swan? Giving the Demorats something to hold onto and campaign about. Then, nothing would (will?) be about the leak or its substance. What if it’s the “provocation” for them to pack the court and use it to fundamentally change the American judicial system? And of course, it’s just a coincidence the leak occurs just days before the documentary “2000 Mules” goes public. Hmmm.

Damn good question: “How long does it take for “universal background checks” to reduce crime?” Well, we all know it doesn’t. But it seems this is the one constant from every gun-grabber, no matter if they are local, state, or federal. Of course, now they use the “ghost gun” to validate their crusade. Over the years they have gone from simply registering handguns to registering every gun, getting permission to exercise your 2A right buy a firearm, and now it seems like they want to register individual rounds. Years ago, you had to sign an ATF log when you bought ammunition. We solved over 10 burglaries when it was found the suspects had been memorizing the address of those people by looking at the logs. All this registration will do, is give someone all the names and address of owners, either by hack or leak. Or by law enforcement coming to get them. But registration won’t stop crime. NOT ONE.

Update: ast week I commented on the suspicious number of food processing plants, factories, logistics centers, and other industrial food facilities across the U.S. that had burned, exploded, or had planes (2) crash into them.  In the past week, more accidents have occurred, the FBI has issued a warning, possible motives have emerged, and one company offered a rather implausible explanation for the destruction of their facility. But all this creates many more questions than it answers. Remember, once is happenstance, two is coincidence, 3 or more is enemy action.

Gas, Hilo Hawaii, 5/1/22. What are you paying?

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