Monday Motes, sigh…

WTF: The minute an outsider took office we got cheap gas, cheap food, became energy independent, had no wars, and focused on our country’s issues. Establishment hacks get back in and we have inflation, medical tyranny, World War III and need to take pout a mortgage to fill our gas tank. But no mean tweets.

They are mellttiinngg: In the wake of the company’s purchase by Elon Musk, Twitter is holding “secret” all-hands meetings. Twitter CMO Leslie Berland moderated the crying room and set the tone by asking what the board and Musk plan to do to about the “mass exodus of employees, considering the acquisition is by a person with questionable ethics.” First, how secret can these meetings be if every news source seems to have articles about them.  And since when does Musk have “questionable ethics”? “Mass exodus”? Well, hire new people. You don’t want work at my (Musk’s) company, there’s the door. I’m getting really tired of employee’s telling owners how to run the company and what the company goals “should” be. Hey, my company, my decisions.

Not surprised: Everybody seems surprised that Uncle Joe had $5.2 million dollars more than they knew. Hey, they found millions of votes they didn’t know about, why not money.

Don’t let the little things like law get in your way: Former Corrupt Detroit Councilwoman and Convicted felon Monica Conyers is going for one more shot to feed at the public trough and running for Wayne County Executive.  One problem though, as a convicted corrupt public official she can’t hold the office even if she won. The law does not explicitly state they can’t run though, even if they can’t hold office so she’s running. Is she trying to divert votes from another candidate or get paid off?  One do wonder.

How many U.S. Presidents in modern history have announced food shortages before they occurred? Only one.

Make everybody a snitch: New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Tuesday that he’s “disappointed in the deployment of transit police personnel” and urged residents to take photos of officers if they’re on their phones while working. Transit crime has jumped 65.3% this year in NYC, with a string of high-profile incidents on subways around the city. What I liked was the comment; “A shooter popped a smoke cannister and opened fire on a Manhattan-bound N train earlier this month and wounded 10 people.” Seems like attempted mass killer, “Frank James”, is already old news and doesn’t deserve mention. How quickly they want you to forget.

Best wishes: Understand local KSSK dj Michael W. Perry under going Heart Surgery this week. He’s been the #1 radio morning show for 30-40 years and is a genuinely nice guy. Met Mike a number of times when our paths have crossed in one business or another. Best wishes to Mike and his family.

Happy belated birthday to country music great Willie Nelson who turned 86 last friday. Playlist this weekend included Willie (of course), Jason Alden, Bob Seeger, Dan Seals, Dr. Hook, Johnny Paycheck, and the Highwaymen. What’d you listen to?

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