Sunday Rant – My Enemy

Russia is not my enemy. Putin is not my enemy. China is not my enemy.

MY own government spies on me, passes more and more tax laws to take more and more of my money from me, and then spends it on countries that hate and despise my way of life. 

My government tries to force unwanted medical procedures on me, tried to force me to stay in my home for an indeterminate time but continued its own travel unabated.

My government is allowing uncontrolledly child trafficking, gun and drug running over our boarders that makes life for me, my family, and my fellow citizen more dangerous day by day and the government still refuses to obey the laws they already have in place.

My government leaders tell me they don’t work for me, I should only listen to their side of every story, and then calls me names. My government ignores the facts, changes the fact, or just plain makes up the facts and then tells me that which we have revered for 250 years is not “absolute”.

A forgiven government is not my enemy, my own government is.

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