Motes, Wednesday, Meh.

It was the funny walk: An Indian man thought he concocted the perfect plan to smuggle in some gold into the country: hide it under a wig—and his rectum. Customs officials at the New Delhi airport disagreed, arresting the man for allegedly trying to bring in nearly $40,000 worth of gold through the unconventional means. The gold was found in two capsule-shaped pouches inside the man, while another set was found melted under the wig’s stitching. This guy had somewhere between 16-18 oz of gold shoved up his bum. That’d make anyone walk funny.

Smaller odds with the lottery: An investigation is underway at a New Jersey high school that could potentially be linked to what’s known as a cancer cluster. After some digging, a man who attended Colonia High School in Woodbridge, New Jersey, discovered more than 100 former students and staff members had been diagnosed with the same sort of brain tumor diagnosed in his wife, his sister and himself. Al Lupiano says it’s been a rough road, but he keeps moving forward with hopes of preventing more tragedy. The environmental scientist has been a driving force behind an investigation into Colonia High School, a place where he says 117 people with primary brain tumors and 70 with rare cancers either attended or worked at in prior years. Lupiano says he can’t rule out all other possibilities but adds that when looking at the numbers and where people lived in respect to the school, they did not have anything else in common. There’s something out there, powerlines, industrial waste, something. This don’t just happen.

Chicago weekend; 38 shot,5 dead.

That’s why it’s called acting: Actor Gary Elwes, the noble “Wesley”, got way more than he bargained for when a day of yardwork turned into a helicopter ride to the hospital after a nasty rattlesnake bite. He managed to avoid the Fire Swamp, ROUS, and Vizzini but get’s bitten mowing the lawn. Much love of the movie “The Princess Bride”, despite Rob Reiner’s involvement. Get well quickly, “Buttercup” may need you.

Hypocritical war: There was a massive explosion this morning at an oil depot inside Russia in Bryansk. The oil refinery-storage facility is reportedly 70 kilometers inside of the Russian border. Russian media accused Ukrainian drones of staging the attacks – with two strikes on the tanks at the Druzhba plant at 1am. So Russia invades Ukraine, kills soldiers and many civilians, burns whole cities to the ground, but is all butthurt when someone goes after them on their ground. IMHO, they deserve everything they get.

Another “Wild In The Streets” move: Broward County Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott launched his High School Voter Registration Drive this month. With the help of Joe Scott, Broward County Supervisor of Elections, the Broward County School Board is seeking 16-18 High School students to register to vote. The problem is the 16-year-olds are not eligible to vote for two years. The title line here is an old movie that had “14 or Fight” as one of the goals. It was a sci-fi movie, not a how-to.

I gotta agree with Tyson.

There are so many keyboard commandos and Internet assassins’, they forget some people will make them pay for their words.

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