Meandering Thursday Motes

Nobody brings this up: Why do illegals arrive at the border clean and refreshed After traveling 1500 miles, on foot. Why aren’t they carrying food and blankets? They all seem to have newish cell phones; how do they charge them? And the seem to have brand new white t-shirts with the current favored slogan, where did they get those?  I’m supposed to believe that 83-year-old woman, in rubber slippers, shared the long “walk” with that 385 pound guy, with the clean Nike’s, following behind her? It’s almost like someone is orchestrating this whole “invasion”. Just asking.

Man, Monday just “Will Smithed” my whole week.

Teach your children: The Florida DOE rejected more than 50 mathematics textbooks — about 40% of those submitted — for failing to meet Florida’s new learning standards or because they “contained prohibited topics” that included references to critical race theory. Read that again; “mathematics textbooks”. They were rejected because they included Critical Race Theory. What the freakin’ hell has CRT got to do with Math? Two plus two equals four, no matter what race you are.

 Ban the guns: In response to sharp increases in violent crime, Uncle Joe stressed again last week that his administration is focused on “stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes.” But critics warn that this “guns first” approach ignores a basic fact – about 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms. Why don’t they do something about the criminals committing crimes? And legal gun owners committee less than 20% of the 8% or about 2.6% of “violent” crimes. There are no statistics that tell you how many of those owners are acquitted. Yet, the politicians want to prohibit the 97.4% who never commit a crime, from owning a gun.

 They all need a new platform: A local politician has announced his mid-term platform. In his estimation, the most important things in Hawaii are climate change, cultural equity, and trust. How about instead we go on the roads (fix’em), the jobs ( make some), and homes (get the median price under $1m). That trust boat has already sailed.

I’m shocked, simply shocked: “The Family Sex Show” — a sex-education stage production aimed at children as young as 5 years old that features “non-sexual nudity” — has been canceled in the United Kingdom after “unprecedented threats” launched at the company putting on the show. Threats. Imagine that. Maybe the “pedo” class hasn’t taken over the UK yet.

Say Whhaatt: While vowing to ramp up the effort to get more Americans vaccinated, U.S. Health and Human Services Director Xavier Becerra claimed the “safe and effective” mRNA shots are killing people with dark skin at a much higher rate than those with light skin. After months of mandates forcing people to get two and three doses of COVID-19 vaccines to keep their jobs attend, school, travel and enter indoor venues, the federal government admits the experimental gene modification shots are killing people. While HHS acknowledges the deadly effects COVID vaccines have on minority communities, he says the government needs to “work” harder to vaccinate Americans who have refrained from getting inoculated. Huh? It’s killing people, so we need more? HUH?

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