Motes, ‘Cause It’s Monday

I have to agree with some of the pundits; I believe President Trump’s backing of “Dr.Oz” is a mistake. He is not a conservative; he has attacked many of the conservative causes. Oz has spoken against guns, for abortion, praising Hillary Clinton as one of the most brilliant women, smartest women he’s ever met, being for Obamacare. I believe he is like Tulsi, a “chameleon” and will show his true self if elected. And then it will be too late. Unless or until he retracts these previously stated positions, I vote no to Oz.

Rule #4: In Calipornia, a 20 year-old co-owner of a Victor Valley Mall shoe store opened fire on 2 suspected shoplifters. He violated all 4 of the firearms rules, but #4 says know your target, “AND WHATS BEHIND OR TO EITHER SIDE OF IT”. He wounded a 9-year-old girl waiting in line to see the Easter Bunny. The child was taken to the hospital where she is in pain but alive. The shooter fled the scene. To my knowledge, 20 y-o’s are NOT allowed to possess or carry concealed handguns. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. A very bad shoot. I suspect we will find out there’s more to this story.

Push in robbery: More than a dozen gangs in the Los Angeles area are targeting people and robbing them of watches, jewelry and expensive items, police said. The thefts are a part of a trend that the Los Angeles Police Department called “follow home robberies,” in which suspects target victims, follow them and then rob them as they go into isolated areas, such as their homes. This is not limited to LA and Calipornia. It is happening all over, including Hawaii. Be aware when you leave places, watch the space behind, and stay safe.

How drunk do you have to be: Four men have been arrested after one of the accused’s phones was discovered to contain a video of them gang-raping a Bengal monitor lizard at the Sahydari Tiger Reserve in Maharashthra, India. Bengal monitor lizards can grow up to five and a half feet long and weigh almost 16 pounds. I have never been THAT drunk.

Beware the angered client: Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter, said disclosing finances is “deeply unsafe” and “triggering.” Yep, the publicizing of their deeds is always triggering to thieves. The fact that this woman collected $90 million in “charitable funds” and is traumatized and triggered by disclosing what that money was spent on speaks volumes. What’s worse, those “marks” that gave them all that money will start asking questions. Some of those people might be a little unhappy. And they tend to get “testy” when unhappy.

Sometimes you just need to smile.

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