Let There Be Motes For Wednesday

Paid by your tax money: This past month, a recently created federal task force that solely focuses on “derogatory geographic names” announced that the US will be renaming a whopping 660 mountains, rivers, and other landmarks in order to remove all traces of “racist” language. Squaw Valley? The White Horse Mountains? The Black Hills? Will this insanity ever end?

Only a little protected: A subsidiary of one of the largest U.S. providers of renewable energy pleaded guilty to criminal charges and was ordered to pay over $8 million in fines and restitution after at least 150 bald eagles were killed at its wind farms in eight states, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. NextEra Energy subsidiary ESI Energy was also sentenced to five years’ probation after the company acknowledged the deaths of golden and bald eagles at 50 wind farms affiliated with ESI and NextEra since 2012, prosecutors said. Birds were killed in eight states: Wyoming, California, New Mexico, North Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona and Illinois. So if they violate their “probation”, what do they get? Another fine? I violate probation, I go to jail. How about we send the CEO/President to jail after the violate (and they will) the “probation”?

Just a question: They way the narrative is being pushed, if you were born “straight” you are the one “wrong”. This coming from a 4% of the population. Why is everyone bowing down to the obscure minority, just because they speak the loudest. The silence of the many will always be drowned out by the hew and cry of the few.

If there are more than 3: After nearly four weeks of testimony and a full week of deliberations in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids Brandon Michael-Ray Caserta, 34, of Canton, and Daniel Harris, 24, of Lake Orion, were found not guilty of conspiring to kidnap, a potential life offense. The jury was hung on conspiracy charges against Barry Croft Jr., 46, of Bear, Delaware, Adam Fox, 38, of Wyoming. These were the defendants in the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, where there were more fbi agents and snitches then there were plotters. Remember, if there are more than 3 people involved, at least one of them is a cop/snitch.

Only takes one: All of a sudden there are claims of finding HUGE amounts of data from H. Biden’s “laptop from hell”. Actually, way more than the laptop could store. Why? The best way to cast doubt on all of it, is to prove “some” of it is false. Notice the guy claiming to have the data, isn’t the guy that had it first. It only takes one juror to prevent a verdict.

Whips and chains and studded collars: A London-based fashion designer is turning recycled rubber into 1970s punk rock-inspired accessories. East Londoner G Martin, 34, repurposed nearly 688 pounds of rubber that would be piling up in landfills by turning it into rockin’ recycled fashion pieces. To save the planet, Martin’s Broke Boutique reworks rubber and other materials into studded and chained bras, belts, harnesses, bedroom sets, plant hangers and more. Well, I know I feel much better about the planet now.

Finally got some battery juice in the laptop and in me. Thanks for sticking around.

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