Sunday Rant

I don’t recall where I copied this from, one of the many sites I visit regularly. I apologize for not being able to correctly credit the writer.

“My “Names” List…Didn’t Write it…Just Found it!

Hey biden, I don’t agree with you. So what? Now you are going to do what? Find another name to call me? 

I wear your insults with pride: 
I’m a DENIER for questioning faulty, cherry picked and falsified climate data? 
I’m a RACIST because I criticized anyone on the left? 
I’m a TERRORIST because I want to practice my Second Amendment rights? 
I’m a TEABAGGER for supporting the Constitution? 
I’m a NATIONALIST because I love my country?                                                                                I’m an ISLAMAPHOBE because I think sharia law is sedition and should not replace our Constitution?
I’m a HOMOPHOBE because I won’t celebrate the gay life style?
I’m a TRAITOR because I want to expose the corruption occurring in my government? 
I’m a CONSPIRACY THEORIST because I post facts? 
I am UN-AMERICAN for supporting our President Trump? 
I am a WARMONGER because I support our troops? 
I’m a GREEDY CAPITALIST because I believe I am entitled to keep what I earned? 
I’m a SEXIST and MISOGYNIST because I hold doors open for women? 
I’m a WHITE SUPREMACIST because I think every life matters? 
I’m a DEPLORABLE because I won’t back a blatantly corrupt authoritarian? 
I’m UNESSENTIAL because my ways of making a living are shut down by an illegal govt. decree? 
I’m SELFISH because I want businesses back open? 

I am not going to change just because Biden is Butthurt and doesn’t agree with me or I with him.”

Don’t forget I’m a lying dog-faced pony soldier when I ask questions you don’t want to answer.

I cannot agree more. I will also plead guilty to all of the above.

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