End Motes For Friday

I have the answer:  Uncle Joe should send Hunter to fix everything. After all, Russia, China, and Ukraine have paid him enormous amounts of money. According to Peter Schweizer, there were $31 million in deals outlined on the laptop that does (or doesn’t) exist. So, if that’s true, Hunter must know something, or somebody. Let’s send him.

Irony is lost on liberals: In 2020, Cherokee County, Ga. There are more churches than bars, and high school football on Friday nights is still a thing. At a recent local school board meeting, a parent alerted school board members to explicit content from a book available to students called Homegoing. Then the parent starts to read an explicit passage from the book, at which point a board member cuts her off. The member lectured her that children could be watching the meeting, and the selection was inappropriate under those circumstances.  It seems the concept of irony is lost on the current Cherokee County School Board. And the liberals running it.

Before you commit that crime, remember these four words’: No Netflix In Prison.

That’s just crazy: That wild and whacky Florida Governor has done it again. Tuesday, he signed into law a bill that will require students to learn about finances and money in order to graduate from high school. several concepts that will be required to be taught in those personal financial literacy courses. The concepts include: Types of bank accounts offered; How to balance a checkbook; Money; Debit and credit card management and so on. You know, stuff they’ll need if they ever move out of Mommy’s basement. They’re going to teach that in schools? Wow, you’d almost think he cares what happens.

Gas in Honolulu 3/24/22. What are you paying?

A sad Good-Bye: My most heartfelt condolences to Hank Williams Jr. on the recent loss of his wife Mary Jane Thomas. It appears the early indication is it appears she suffered a complication – possibly a blood clot – following a medical procedure. She was 61 and they had been married since 1990. Again, my deepest condolences.

There is a difference: The Army announced Wednesday it was scrapping the “leg tuck” from its Army Combat Fitness Test for good, and replacing it with a plank, after data showed women were failing. The leg tuck was one of a six-event test, aimed at testing a soldier’s core strength. These adjustments ensure fairness in the Army’s transition to a new test of record. So, the Army is admitting that men and women are different when it comes to strengths. Maybe the NCAA should consider that.

Question for the SCOTUS nominee. Do you support the enforcement of all laws, as they appear, or just the ones you feel are just?

Staying in Honolulu this weekend. 😦 Probably watch too many movies and have too many beers. Enjoy the Story and think about the Rant.

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