New Day, New Motes

The stupid hurts: As reported in “Tactical Life” magazine; Nasty Nan Pelosi has a gun control scheme in the works. This has an “upper age” limit to own, carry and posses a firearm. She wants the upper age limit to be 58 years, 6 months old. After that you’re considered “too old” and could be “responsible” for the “carnage in our streets”. Huh? (I never carnaged in my life.) This is what she considers “commonsense legislation” and it should “finally put an end” to “our gun” problem”. Anybody want to bet that everyone of pelosi’s bodyguard security detail is under that age? Anybody? This coming from an 81 y-o person with a BA in “political science” ( Trinity College ’62) and, as far as I can ascertain, has never had an actual job, or an original thought, in her life. There is just soo much stupid here.

Ever wonder why concerned parents are labeled extremists and domestic terrorists, while Pete Buttigieg’s “husband” is free to lead children in a pledge of allegiance to the gay pride flag?

Simple solution: Some employees of The Walt Disney Company plan to walk off the job Tuesday to protest what they say is the company’s response to a Florida bill that would restrict discussion of gender and sexuality in schools. Employees are calling for Disney to stop making political donations to certain Florida politicians – including Gov. Ron DeSantis – and commit to a plan to protect LGBTQIA+ staff from such legislation, among other demands. What they don’t seem to know, or care, is the bill only applies to children until the third grade which makes them about 8 years-old. An 8 y-o child doesn’t need to be discussing gender or sexuality. My simple solution for everyone who “walks out” in “protest” or wants to tell me what I must do or not do in MY company, “YOU’RE FIRED”. The end.

Shoot yourself in the …foot: A South Dakota hotel that racially profiled Native American customers, specifically barring them from visiting the property, appears to have run off more business than it intended. The owner posted in a since-deleted Facebook post, “Due to the killing that took place at the Grand Gateway Hotel on March 19, 2022…we will no longer allow any Native American on property.” A Lakota elder Tim Giago, publisher of The Native Sun News in Rapid City, said that, ironically, many Natives stay at the Grand Gateway Hotel when they come to Rapid City. Why don’t they just say, “Because of general Custer’s actions Caucasians will no longer be allowed in the Dakota territory.” Sounds good to me.

Going to Lowe’s now: Someone on Twitter posted a leaked privilege document from a friend of theirs that Home Depot is putting on display for their employees in the lunchroom.For example, it says “If you’re confident that the police exist to protect you, then you have white privilege.” “if you expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian Privilege”.  But it’s not just white Christians they are targeting with this document. It also goes after “class privilege”, “Christian Privilege”, “cisgender privilege”, “able-bodied privilege” and “heterosexual privilege. How come nobody ever talks “person of color privilege”?

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