Sharing My Joy

Everyone who reads this blog know how I feel about my wife, the Lady Julie. If you don’t, read on.

If I had not “found” her when I did, I would be dead by now. Suicide, homicide, or overdose, I’d be gone without her.

She is kind, (“The Third Christmas”), ferocious when defending her family, (“I Married A Warrior”), kind, (“A Success Story”), sarcastic, (“No More Nice Guy”), fearless (“The Great Titty Bust”), and doesn’t ask for anything (“The Tennis Bracelet”). Once, early in our marriage we went to dinner at “Tanaka’s of Tokyo”. The couple sitting next to us was on a tight budget, as were we, but she asked me to pay for their dinner picture, because they couldn’t, and it was their anniversary. She cares.

During the last 32+ years she has endured the ups and downs of being married to me. Throw in a couple of my major surgeries, and her own bout with cancer, surgeries, and an organ transplant and it ain’t been easy. But she’s still here.

Our 25th. Anniversary

I can sit here and see her “Best Ol’ Lady” trophy from a VNV M/C run. More than a couple of photo’s have her have appeared in “Outlaw Biker” and “EasyRider” biker mags. I can see the wonderful card the kids from Shriners hospital made to thank her for the blankets she‘s made and donated. I can see the pictures of the kids, and the grandkids. She loves our dogs.

Well, I thank whatever gods granted me the joy of having her in my life.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

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