Motes, Cause Crap Keeps Happening

Kinda funny: Sam Elliot has been rather vocal about his poor opinion of “Power Of the Dog”. He mentions specific things he disagreed with and gave an opinion of the movie overall. He even acknowledged the director was “a “brilliant filmmaker”. He didn’t like the movie. Now the director and the actors of “Dog” have begun to speak up. They don’t address Elliot’s criticisms, but rather attack Elliot himself calling him a “bitch” and “not a cowboy, just an actor”.   Elliot undoubtedly knows more about being a “cowboy” than the New Zealand director or any of the involved Actors. They do not address his criticisms; they just attack him. See the difference?

It’s not about justice: The Jan6 Committee is not about finding out the truth about the Jan. 6 “Insurrection”. It’s not about the truth or the facts. After months of theatrics, abuses of power, unconstitutional imprisonment, and partisan chicanery, Nancy Pelosi’s bogus 1/6 witch hunt committee is reportedly seeking to criminalize GOP fundraising efforts that concern election integrity. As part of the illegal overreach, the committee seeks to access the private financial records of donors and candidates and punish them, claiming, baselessly, that fundraising in support of election integrity may constitute wire fraud. One thing is clear – Pelosi’s commission is completely out of control, treating the Constitution as if it were just a political cudgel to wield against dissenters, and not something she or the rest of the swamp must abide by. The people must decide enough is enough.

Speaking of Nasty Nan: Nancy Pelosi now says that she will end partisan gerrymandering if only the Democrats’ HRI bill, the bill that will codify 2020 Election fraud for good, is passed. The state legislatures are where congressional districts are determined. The last I heard, Nan was a Calipornia Representative, not queen of the country. Pelosi’s answer to gerrymandering (creating districts favorable to a political party) is to move this process to the federal government to oversee. She wants to void the States Rights, and the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. It would basically end free and fair elections forever.  Pelosi knows this. And SHE DOESN’T CARE.

Look at the whole thing: Johnson&Johnson and it’s three largest drug distributors will pay a combined $26 BILLION to communities affected by the “opioid crisis”. Thses monies will be paid out to “communities” that claim the companies help “fuel” the crisis. In order for them to pay this sum, they will have to raise the prices on ALL their products used and paid for by people like my wife and I. You know, the ones not addicted to opioids and not living in those communities.

 Accept responsibility for your actions: Alec Baldwin filed papers Friday, saying, basically, that he was not at fault in the tragic killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin filed legal papers Friday denying any responsibility for shooting death, even blaming the late cinematographer for giving him the directions that led to the deadly accident. Alec, baby, you had the gun in your hand. You cocked the hammer. It went bang and someone died. It IS your fault. T.H.E.  E.N.D.

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