Motes For Another Freakin’ Monday

Yeah, that’ll show ‘em: Cardiff Philharmonic removes Tchaikovsky from program in light of Russian invasion of Ukraine. The orchestra had an all-Tchaikovsky concert scheduled for next week, but has decided to change the program having deemed it to be ‘inappropriate’ at this time. Another empty gesture.

Not a hole deep or dark enough in hell: A 5-month old puppy found with its paws screwed to a bathroom door is getting help from a South Carolina animal shelter and a specialist Deputies said the incident happened on Friday, Feb. 25 when they were waved down by a county employee that a suspect may have been under the influence of something strong and had his dog screwed to the wall and barricaded in a bathroom. The dog was then found with its paws screwed to the doorframe and removed one of the screws with a drill but had to pull the dog off the second screw because it was so deep in its paw. According to the Union County Animal Shelter, the puppy was wagging his tail the entire time he was being rescued. The suspect reportedly resisted arrest, head-butted an officer, and had “to be subdued”. I hope they used unnecessary force. He was denied bail. I wonder if anyone in “gen pop” knows what he did? Do we know anyone in S.C.? Maybe I should “Drop a dime”.

Nothing more important: Climate czar, John Kerry, (you know he was in Viet Nam) said that while the Ukraine refugee crisis is a “problem” amid Russia’s invasion, it pales in comparison to the wave of migration that will come if climate change is not addressed. Kerry, a Viet Nam veteran, defends his focus saying, “We are driven not by politics, not by ideology. We’re driven by mathematics and physics, by science.” About that, “the science” is what, 0 for 65 climate change predictions since 1970?

Gas 3/11/22. What are you paying?

Horse crap: Reuterds (my spelling) News says a recent poll shows that “Four in five Americans support end to U.S. imports of Russian energy”. Yellow bull crap flag. You couldn’t get 4 out of 5 people to agree the sun came up yesterday. Further along it claims that 80% “of respondents in the poll said Americans should not buy oil or gas from Russia”. Another flag. The polls were conducted online and in English throughout the United States. Both gathered responses from 1,005 and have credibility intervals, a measure of precision, of about 4 percentage points. So, they asked 1,005 people, out of 336,000,000. That’s what, .00000297% of the population? Yeah, that’s real definitive.

Bernie, Where you?: The straphanger battered in a brutal hammer attack at a Manhattan subway station Tuesday night says New Yorkers have had it with the out-of-control transit violence. The victim, who did not want to be identified, said he was returning home from dinner with a friend when he bumped into his deranged attacker at the 14th Street-Union Square station around 9 p.m. Tuesday.  “He stepped on my foot and then after that, he took out the hammer and then I was hit on the head.” Seems to be happening a lot in the NYC subways. Bernie Goetz, where are you when we need you?

What happened to: The Biden Diary? Kamala Harris’ daughters modeling career? Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Just asking: What is the accurate count of unvetted Afghans in America? Since there was no election fraud, how come all those people that have submitted sworn affidavits about election fraud haven’t been charged with perjury and lying under oath? Just asking for a friend.

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