Friday Motes To Last Until Monday

But only when them white folks do it : Joy Reid claimed Monday on “The ReidOut” that people are more compassionate towards the atrocities in Ukraine because it is a “white and Christian” nation. Hey Joy, people who make everything about race, are called “Racist’s”.

Pro tip: Lip syncing your wife when she’s complaining about something you did is not as funny as you might think. And much more painful.

A Sad Good-Bye: On Monday night, photojournalist Sumy Sadurni was killed in a car accident. Sumy Sadurni was a 32-year-old Spanish-Mexican freelance photojournalist based in Kampala, Uganda. She was known for her striking coverage across East Africa capturing the conflict as well as the essence of the region and its people. Her photos are truly spectacular. A truly sad loss.

Not just in the movies: The other day I was watching “John Wick 3: Parabellum”. During the fight scene in Morocco, I noticed Halle Berry’s dog kept going for the gunman’s crotch. Ouch. Reminded me of an Air Force K-9 handler I knew way back when. When attack training his dog, he trained his to do the same thing. He bought an xx-large jock strap, added elastic to the waist band and would put a tennis ball in the “pocket”. This was worn outside the padded “attack suit”. He trained his dog to go for the “ball”. Appears Halle’s dogs had the same teacher.

There has been a lot of interwebz conversations about R. A. Heinlein lately. This happens to be one of my most prized positions.

Yes, the letter is from Virginia. The book was signed by Robert.

Hollyweird, shut up: I’m really tired of people who have no idea about my life, like cnn, Colbert, Jen Psaki, and little Georgy Takai, telling me I can afford to spend a “little” more to put Putin in his place. I’m not just worried about the gas prices, I’m worried about the $20-$25 a pound meat. I’m worried about the milk and vegetables that aren’t available. I’m really worried about the anti-rejection drugs for my wife’s transplant that have TRIPLED in the past 6 months. Don’t even begin to think you know what I can or can’t afford. You don’t.

Guilty even after proven innocent: “Sunny Hostin Asks Stephanie Grisham Why It Took 2 Impeachments To Know Trump Was Bad.” The “View” co-host wondered aloud, “I don’t understand how it takes two impeachments for someone to say, ‘Man, maybe I’m on the wrong team here.’” I need to remind both of these “experts” an impeachment is an accusation. President Trump was acquitted (means found not guilty) on both cases. An accusation “proves” nothing, truth and facts do. The fact that both of you base your comments on accusations tells me you don’t care about the truth or the facts.

Dano, Hope you and Cheryl are safe over there. Keep your heads down and watch 6.

In Honolulu this weekend. The Gun Show is still scheduled at the Blaisdell Exhibition Rooms as far as I know. See ya’ll Monday.

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