He’s Back Wednesday Motes

He was everywhere: Did someone kidnap Fauxi? All of a sudden, he’s got nothing to say. Even the MSM is commenting that there’s no noise. So, does he just ride off into the sunset figuring his work is done? He should be prosecuted for his to the American people and US Congress.

Think before you do: Former UFC superstar Cain Velasquez was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot at an unnamed man accused of molesting one of his family members. Many members of the MMA world are voicing their support and some even saying they would do the same. Sorry, I cannot agree. The accused child molester is facing a charge of a lewd and lascivious act with a child under the age of 14. According to some reports Velasquez went on “a 11 mile high speed chase and ran that “pedohphilia” off the road before shooting him”. There’s the problem, if true, that is not in “defense of a family member”. That’s seeking vengeance. You walk in and catch them, shoot ‘em as much as you can. I will defend you all day. When you “chase” them down, ram their car and open fire when there are two other people in the vehicle, sorry you’re in the wrong. While I sympathize with Cain, I cannot support his actions.

Dear Uncle Joe; It’s not the “deer” in Kevlar I worry about. It’s the 2-legged rats wearing Kevlar pounding on my back door that I’m concerned about.

Gas Hilo Hawaii 3/7/22. What are you paying?

I am not supposed to take joy in the discomfort of others, But, “Hey Joy, how’d you like your trip?”

Just make it up as you go: Joe Biden said he “really enjoyed teaching” when he was a “professor” at the University of Pennsylvania during an interview. Biden was never a “professor” or teacher after serving as Vice President in 2017. Biden was paid $1 million, but never taught a single class. That’s why he misses it. He did what he does best, nothing, and got paid for it. Does he ever get tired of lying making up stories.

Told ya: Last week it was reported 1,700 people had been arrested “protesting” in Russia. At the time I said the number was probably 3 or 4 times that. Friday it was reported that authorities have “arrested 8,100 people at anti-war protests” that have broken out across the country, according to a local source. Arrests come from over 124 cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg. It will get worse.

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