Why Is It Always A Monday, Motes

Beto for governor?: (11/21/21) Beto O’Rourke says that he stands by the promise he made in 2019 saying, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” O’Rourke said    (2/10/22) Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke on Tuesday said that he has no “interest in taking” assault weapons from gun owners. “What I want to make sure that we do is defend the Second Amendment.” Flip Flop. Guess which way he’d go if elected. Don’t these people ever get tired of lying? No, I guess not.

This is bullshat: The Ironman Group is banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from all upcoming events this year, including May’s world championship in Kona. “The Ironman Group stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, our athletes, and their community and condemns the actions dictated by Russian leadership during this deeply troubling international crisis,” the organization said Wednesday, in a news release. These athletes have done nothing wrong, except being born in the (now) wrong country.  Many have trained their whole life to enter this competition, now their dream is snatched away, because their country is run by a madman. In this event, they represent themselves, not their country. Unless they start speaking out in support of their country’s actions, we should NOT be punishing them. No matter how ultraistic the reason, punishment without cause is wrong, no matter who does it.

Why yes, the SOTU speech was the best speech Uncle Joe ever delivered. But that’s a really low bar.

She’s a gem: Did you know Dolly Parton funds a  reading program that will provide reading material for children, The Imagination Library. The Library is a book-gifting program that provides free, high-quality books to eligible children from birth to five (5) years old. Parents, legal guardians, and other authorized adults (“Authorized Adults”) can register eligible children for the Library. Last week Kentucky State Senator Stephen Meredith (r) questioned the state intention to partner with Dolly. Meredith, a Republican, asked during the meeting if language could be added to the partnership bill to ensure the program’s books are “subject-appropriate.” This, as any fan can understand, caused a shat storm against the Sentator’s words. The charge was led by Stella Parton, Dolly’s sister, who started the backlash against Meredith with a series of tweets attacking the senator for comments. As is often said, “No good deed goes unpunished”.  Senator, please remember Dolly fans have long memories, especially when you say anything against her.

Odd: During its roll we heard about the Canada Freedom Convoy every minute and every mile. What do we hear about the US Convoy? Flat tires. Out of gas. Try to find information, it’s fragmented, confusing, and mostly negative. Wake up. It’s not the truckers or the protesters that are the danger. It’s the Media. All of them.

No answer is the answer: Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy pressed three judicial nominees the same question: “Some prosecutors have taken the position, despite the fact that their legislature has passed a criminal statute, that they’re not going to prosecute cases in violation of that statute. Do you agree with that or disagree with that?” All three did not come up with a coherent or straight answer. So, it appears these judicial nominees don’t mind selective enforcement of law. Funny, I thought the law was for everyone and all the laws were to be enforced, not just the one’s the “prosecutor” decides.

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