Friday Motes To Consider

Remember this: Taylor v. Taintor, 83 U.S. 366 (1872) “A person charged in any state with treason, felony, or other crime, who shall flee from justice and be found in another state, shall, on demand of the executive authority of the state from which he fled, be delivered up to be removed to the state having jurisdiction of the crime,” This  is the so-called “bounty hunter” ruling that allows the Bail Bond “representative” to bring the bail-jumper to custody. There have been some recent bounty arrests go very badly wrong, this will be coming up as a topic real soon.

They are listening, and reading: I keep telling you to be careful. Well, US veteran and Oath Keeper Joshua James pleaded guilty to charges of “seditious conspiracy” on Wednesday. James was one of the Oath Keepers who formed a stack on the US Capitol Steps that day and then entered the US Capitol without any weapons. The charges against him were based on text messages where the members were talking smack. That is enough to send him to prison for 40 years. Look at that. 40 freakin’ years. Based on TEXT messages. What you say, and what you write, can and will be used against you at all times. If you can’t say it in person, don’t text it.

Hell no: “Congressman Eric Swalwell said that the deportation of Russian students should be “on the table” when it comes to retaliation against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” No, we should not even consider this asinine policy. Remember, that’s Fing Fang Swalwell calling for this. Those students have done nothing the cause their deportation. They have not rioted, held protest marches, or given aid and comfort. Nor have they provided classified information to America’s enemies. If they do, then we deport them. Too bad we can’t deport Swalwell.

It’s easy to accuse: I wonder what would happen the next time someone says “You’re a white supremacist” and the person being accused says, ”Yes, I am.” And then walk away. Most of the accusers are all geared up to prove why you are, especially when you say you’re not. They like to come up with all the reason you are.  I don’t think they could handle stark truth.

State of the union: How often do we have to hear about Uncle Joe’s “hero” son?  While delivering his “state of the union” speech Tuesday, Joe referred to his son during the anti-cancer portion of his speech. Yes, the son did serve in the military, yes he was deployed to Iraq and did serve with distinction in a 7 month “combat zone” assignment. However, he was an officer in the “Judge Advocate General Corps” as part of the 261st Signal Brigade. He was a lawyer with a “signals” brigade, so the chance he was exposed to the “toxic burn pits” is pretty low. But Uncle Joe somehow manages to ride the coattails of this real warrior to make himself appear a warrior. Hey Joe, you ain’t. Please stop pretending and let your son rest in peace.

In Hilo this weekend, so I won’t be attending the “Creekside” 40th Anniversary party. I did drop by there a few times (😊) back then when it was on my way home. My very best wishes to the staff and owner. The Creekside has always been a popular stop for bikers and has often been one of the stops on many club runs, scene more than a few parties and has always been willing to support fund raisers. 40 years. Wow, just wow.

Oh, before I forget: “Vikings: Valhalla”. YES YES YES

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