New Month Tuesday Motes

You’ve all seen this by now, but by the gods this is a warrior: A Ukrainian woman is being hailed for her bravery after she confronted a heavily-armed Russian soldier and offered him sunflower seeds — so that they might bloom when he dies. In footage captured and spread on social media, the woman is seen giving the soldier sunflower seeds (Ukraine’s national flower) so that they might grow when he dies. She tells the soldier, “Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here,” she continued. After he told her not to “escalate” the situation she tried to get him to accept the seeds again and said: “From this moment, you are cursed. I’m telling you.” That is warrior level courage.

Yes, I did: I binged the new series “Reacher”. I have been reading the “Lee Child” books for many years and have even recommended them to many people. I was not impressed with the Tom Cruise movies; he just doesn’t pull it off. In the books, Reacher’s size is an integral part of his personality, Tommy just doesn’t pull it off for me. But this new guy, Alan Ritchson IS 6-5 and the right shape for the character. I loved it. I will absolutely watch again.

I may have to watch: Last Friday, TV’s “Sherlock” actress Amanda Abbington didn’t appear to have much have much patience for people who are virtue signaling about the Ukraine-Russia crisis. In a video, the British star advised against posting maudlin messages to social media about the unfolding conflict. “Just be quiet and shut the fuck up,” she said. She advised people to either donate money or stfu. I may have to watch the show, just cause.

Hey hollywierd, see the above comment: Hollywood celebrities rushed to offer their “thoughts and prayers” following Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine on Wednesday. Some stars took advantage of the crisis to viciously attack former President Donald Trump while omitting any reference to President Joe Biden. Celebrities including Barbra Streisand, Mark Ruffalo, and George Takei weighed in with anodyne but self-important entreaties for peace. Meanwhile, Rob Reiner, Rosie O’Donnell, Albert Brooks, Bradley Whitford, and others took aim at Trump, accusing him of being on Vladimir Putin’s side. Please follow Ms. Abbington’s advice.

He is a leader: As Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky seals his political legacy, his legend grows in the US and UK. The former comedian and actor won Ukraine’s presidential election in 2019. The, now,  wartime leader was once the star of Ukrainian televisions series “Servant of the People,” in which an unsuspecting teacher is thrust into the seat of Ukraine’s presidency — a role that inspired Zelensky to run for office in real life. When offered a “ride out: by Uncle Joe, Zelensky replied “I need ammunition, not a ride.” A real leader’s answer.

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