Motes For The last Monday*

Been there, done that: Watched 9-11 Lone Star the other night. Episode included a Fire versus Police baseball game that ended in a bench clearing brawl. Brings to mind the late 70’s HPD-v-HFD basketball game that ended in a bleacher clearing brawl. Yeah, I was there.

If there were no “Teen Mom’s”, Kardashians, or “I’m an expert, here’s what you’re doing wrong”, would the tabloids have anything to write about?

You gotta admire his priorities: John Kerry, you know he was in Viet Nam, has cautioned the international community that the war in Ukraine will have “massive emissions consequences”. He biggest problem with the war is it will “lose people’s focus” and “attention” and he hope’s Putin will “stay on track with what we need to do” for the climate. Yes, the war will have a great impact of the climate. Because John Kerry, you know he was in Viet Name, our climate czar and zealot, is worried. This is the same Joh Kerry, he was in Viet Nam you know, who did nothing as Sec. of State when the Russians invaded Crimea.

Correction: I’m sorry but saying “Putin played Biden like a drum” is not praising Putin. It’s slamming Biden.

Well, it broke $5. Uo $.09 a gal in 3 days. What are you paying?

Follow the money: A couple of weeks ago, someone noticed that the CEO of Moderna deleted his Twitter account and dumped $400 million in stock.  Another Moderna higher-up dumped $1.5 Billion in Moderna stocks.  This was around February 8, 2022.  Judging from the number of ‘fact checks’ that come up using a quick search that refute or downplay the stock selling, there’s definitely a healthy blaze underneath that smoke. If they can link Moderna to the Wuhan lab, then I think the world will be down one Big Pharma company.  No loss there.

The fix is in:  It seems that the Democrat DA in Santa Fe is already trying to sow the seeds of doubt that Baldwin pulled the trigger and killed Halyna Hutchins. So this person, who admits that she knows nothing about guns and who has not said anything about the gun being damaged or rigged in some way that it would fire itself is already tainting the case.  Even if her office does bring charges, it looks like they’ll be half-assed at best and the jury pool will already be biased due to her public utterings. Money talks and bullshit walks?  This is one case that should receive a lot more scrutiny that it will get.

Make no mistake: Putin did not declare war on Ukraine. His opening statement was about “the fundamental threats which irresponsible Western politicians created for Russia consistently, rudely and unceremoniously from year to yearI am referring to the eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border.” He has declared war on NATO. That means the U.S. is an open target, no matter what Uncle Joe says.

*Of the month.

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